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Powerblanket® rental is the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to meet your cold weather needs. All of our products are available to rent. Whether you have critical materials to protect, concrete to cure, ground to thaw, or other heating needs, Powerblanket rental has you covered. Now you can use our proven heating solutions for your project…and return them when you’re done.

Here are some of the many benefits you can expect from Powerblanket rental:

  • Reduce your equipment costs and stay on budget by renting, instead of buying
  • No wasting time with labor intensive heating equipment
  • No waiting in lines at a rental shop – We Deliver*
  • Convenient rental options include: Weekly, Monthly, and Seasonal Rentals
  • Our innovative heating solutions make heating, curing, and thawing easy


Reduce Costs And Stay on Budget

Reduce Equipment CostsPowerblanket® Ground Thaw Blanket

Save money by renting instead of buying. Why carry the cost of owning expensive equipment? Rent Powerblanket’s products only when you need them – Return them when you’re done.

Reduce Labor Costs

Setting up and taking down most industrial heating equipment is time consuming and labor intensive. Powerblanket products, however, are easy to set up – saving you time and money!

Stay on Budget

Your monthly and/or project budget probably doesn’t include large equipment purchases. Don’t strain your budget, rent products for as long as you need them, then get them off the books.

Powerblanket® Rental is Fast & Convenient

Don’t waste time in line at a rental shop. We’ll ship your order right to your job site. We also offer power cords and thermostatic controllers to make your rental more convenient. In addition, you can purchase insurance coverage against the loss or damage of the rental products for increased peace of mind.

Powerblanket Rental Allows You to Rent Any Of Our Products