14-Day Turnaround for Custom Freeze Protection

Custom Heated Blankets14-Day Turnaround for Custom Freeze Protection and Heat Maintenance Solutions

SALT LAKE CITY — Powerblanket® engineers and manufactures custom products in as little as 14 days to protect products from freezing and to maintain a constant temperature.

“Our patented technology allows us to turnaround custom projects in as little as 14 days,” said Ryan Mecham, Chief Operating Officer. “The benefits of customizing a solution really helps our customers.”

Powerblanket® Custom blankets carry a safety certification for hazardous locations (CID2 T4) and UL/CSA/CE. These safety certifications enable Powerblanket® to handle almost every heating need.

“This specialized certification allows us to serve our customers even better now that we have custom-built blankets with this hazardous location CID2 T4 certification,” said Joel Fillion, Vice President of Engineering. “We strive to create products that will exceed our customers’ needs, and I think we’ve done that with these customizable blankets.”

GreenHeat® Technology is a revolutionary heat spreading system that is designed to provide a highly efficient and uniform distribution of heat while only consuming low levels of energy.

For more information about custom heating solutions, visit powerblanket.com/custom.

Powerblanket® engineers provide superior freeze protection and heat maintenance solutions for a multitude of applications, including industrial and manufacturing temperature control, ground thawing, concrete curing, oil-field services and many more. For more information, contact Powerblanket®, call 877.398.7407 in the U.S. or 403.262.5770 in Canada, send an e-mail to
[email protected], or visit the company’s website at powerblanket.com.

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