4 New Products in Roofing Industry


Roofing can get rough. You run the risk of cuts, injuries, falls, and impact shocks. That doesn’t even include everything that can go wrong with your shingles, product, or roof. Whether you have residential or commercial needs, check out these new products in roofing that will make your project safer and easier.

1. Nailed It! Nailgun

A nail gun will make fast work out of a slow job. With the highest reviews and reliability, the Hitachi NV45AB2 is awesome for contractors and homeowners alike. It’s precise due to its carbide tipped nose; intuitive, easy to use, and weatherproofed so you can use it in difficult weather. It has a rubber grip to prevent fatigue, and is light and easy to carry with one hand.

2. Gloves

Gloves that protect your hands without slowing you down or cutting back your dexterity are a must. MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves, at a reasonable price, are high quality, super thin, flexible, and breathable. They are 100% silicone free, which is impressive for a durable roofer’s glove. These are made of a micro-foam nitrile and a seamless knit nylon.

Their breathability is a unique feature for roofing gloves, since they have airflow on the front and back of the hand. This will keep your hands from sweating.

3. Get a Grip: Automatic Safety Grip

Safety is obviously a top priority when roofing. Safety lines and harnesses are crucial to prevent falls. One recent product is making a difference for productivity in roofing safety. An Automatic Following Rope Grab made by DBI-SALA follows the roofer as they move along their safety line. This product is awesome for carrying supplies to other parts of the roof. It also comes in manual options where the worker would grip the device to move it along their lifeline.

4. Bulk Material Warmer

In cold weather, roofing shingles and adhesive can be negatively affected. Between 100º and 120º Fahrenheit, Hot Boxes, or Bulk Material Warmers can keep your roofing products from freezing with a uniform, evenly heated core technology, for optimal use all year. This helps prevent any voided warranty for roofing in cold weather. They also cost less to run than keeping materials in the cab of a warm truck. This is because the cost for electrical is much lower than the cost of burning fuel to run a vehicle. They even have remote temperature control options for specific contracting needs. Whatever the roofing emergency, Hot Boxes can help solve problems year-round.

Whether you’re a professional roofing company or DIY homeowners fixing your garden shed, these new roofing products can help you most comfortably and effectively in your roofing projects.





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