Can I Use a Spray Foam Heater Without Burning My SPF?

graphic of two spray foam tanks with hose and spray and one with a heated blanketSpray foam contractors spend a lot of money on their equipment and materials, which need to be treated properly to work well. If you don’t store spray polyurethane foam (SPF) within the manufacturer’s suggested temperature range, the foam can change viscosity or degrade, thus leading it to apply improperly. The ideal temperature for storing and applying spray foam is between 60-80ºF. It is important to find a spray foam heated blanket that won’t burn your product or warp your containers.

Freeze and Viscosity Drift in Spray Foam

Depending on the formulation, freezing can occur anywhere between 20°F and 47°F. During the winter months, it is crucial to keep drums of material warm to avoid both freezing and viscosity drift. Viscosity drift is a result of temperature drop. Every 18°F (10°C) drop in temperature will double viscosity. This will thicken foam, stall pumps, and make it difficult to spray. Most spray polyurethane foam should be maintained around room temperature (70° to 80°F). A blanket style drum heater with heat spreading technology is the recommended spray foam heating solution to ensure it stays at this ideal range.

According to the SPFA (Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance), heating blankets are the recommended solution to cold weather issues, “Low heat flux blanket-type heaters work well to maintain drum temperatures. Avoid the use of band heaters or other high heat flux heaters.” Band heaters are high heat flux style and localize heat, causing damaged product and bulging drums. Additionally, band heaters have unreliable thermostats which can overheat, resulting in off-ratio foam, increased density, and loss in coverage for the applicator. This all translates into lost profitability.

Spray Foam Heater

The Optimal Heated Blanket

Powerblanket drum heaters maintain optimal temperatures for cold weather spray foam jobs. They completely wrap the drum, top to bottom, offering total protection. Additionally, our patented technology provides uniform heat throughout the entire blanket surface, thus avoiding hot or cold spots. This innovative technology delivers optimal operating temperature for spray foam applicators in all cold weather conditions. The Pro-style barrel heaters also include a digital thermostatic controller allowing you to select an optimal set point, +/- 2°F.  Also, this innovative barrel heater offers three independent, self-limiting heat zones for ultimate temperature control. Whether conditions are extremely cold or slightly cool, our Barrel Heaters can keep you on the job.

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