5 Ways to Use a Tank Heater

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Storage tanks are used for many different purposes, from large water tanks, to portable frac tanks, to small propane tanks. But in any case, cold weather can pose serious problems to any type of storage tank left to brave the elements alone. Read on to find out how the proper tank heater can help protect your storage and increase the efficiency of your tank.


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  1. Insulation & Temperature Maintenance

Perhaps the most essential element to any tank heating solution is the ability it should have to insulate the tank and help to maintain the proper temperature of whatever is being store in it. However, though insulating qualities are important, they are never enough on their own.

  1. Regulated Heat Application

Even with really good insulation applied to your tank, extreme cold can still affect the temperature of your storage. When mere insulation isn’t enough, a good tank-heating solution will possess the ability of applying heat to the tank in order to keep the temperature of the liquid or whatever is being store in it optimal. But more important than just applying the heat is the need for regulating it. In other words, the proper tank-heating solution will be able to keep the temperature of your storage within a certain range—rather than risking the possibility of overheating it.


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  1. Optimize flow

Though tank heating solutions are of considerable value when it comes to protecting your tank against the cold, their usefulness doesn’t stop there. In fact, a good tank-heating solution is equally important for optimizing the flow of viscous liquids—whether during cold weather or not. Keeping your storage at the proper temperature in order to lower a liquid’s viscosity is another major benefit of a tank heater.

  1. Maintaining Pressure

If you’re storing pressurized gas in your tank, then keeping the right pressure is essential to limiting depletion. Cold weather can cause your tank pressure to drop considerably—hindering the flow of your gas and the overall quantity that remains. Apply a heating solution to your tank, however, allows you to maintain the right temperature and thus the proper pressure.

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  1. Freeze Protection

You might be thinking that this matter was addressed in the first part of this post, but a tank-heating solution doesn’t only protect tank storage from freezing during cold weather. It protects against freezing during rapid extraction. If you store highly pressurize gas in your tanks and have the need to extract it quickly, then you know how this process can cause freezing and inevitable depletion in your storage. With a good tank heater, you can keep this from happening.