Bulk Material Storage and Heating Alternatives

Powerblanket Bulk Material Storage and Heating AlternativesColder weather causes all sorts of problems while working in outside, ambient conditions.  It can be particularly troublesome when working with temperature sensitive materials.  Operations are transitioning from smaller storage containers, to pallet containers and large, bulk storage tanks.  Finding the right heating solution for bulk material presents a challenge.

One option is to store product and containers in a warehouse or shed and heat the entire building.  While this is an option, it is not effective or energy efficient.  Heating a separate building to store product can cost hundreds of dollars per day in energy alone.  It’s also really difficult to bring product and material up to temperature in a timely manner by simply blowing in warm air.


Here are five factors to consider when looking for a bulk material heating solution:


  1. Portability –  Look for a solution that will allow you to transport the material to different locations heated and protected.  A portable solution  will also allow you to heat your material while at a job site.
  1. Energy Efficient –  Find a solution that will maximize efficiency and retain most of the heat being generated.  Heating solutions such as blanket-type heaters are extremely effective and energy efficient because they have direct contact to the thermal load.
  1. Effective  –  Bringing material up to temperature in a timely manner is critical to most operations.  Time is money.  Having a direct heat source with great heat retentive properties will achieve this.  A blanket-type heater, which is also insulated, will achieve this.
  1. Temperature Control –  Sometimes having temperature control capability is critical to a successful operation.  Overheating or under heating can ruin product, render it unusable and cause downtime.  Find a heating solution that allows you to control the temperature based on your job-site requirement and product blend.
  1. Custom Design Capability –  Partner with a heating company that has in-house engineering and is willing to custom design a heating solution for your unique needs.  Take the time to do some research and collaborate with heating experts to determine what heating solution will best achieve your desired end result.

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