How To Keep Your Liquids From Freezing With Drum Heaters

If you’re storing product in a barrel or drum, there’s a lot of it. With high quantities of liquid or material, the stakes are higher if you accidentally ruin your product. If one barrel goes bad, you have a considerable amount of product to pay for. Don’t let lack of temperature control lead to major losses in your business.

Heated barrel wrapIdeal Temperature

If you store your liquids in places that are already heated for operational reasons, temperature regulations might not be a problem for you. However, most companies that store liquids in barrels don’t keep them next to the cubicles or front desk: hence warehouse storage. Most liquids require that a certain temperature is maintained which be difficult in chilly warehouses. If this is the case with your liquid containers, finding a solution for temperature regulation is important for maintaining your products.

When the winter months roll around and you have to start heating the rooms in your facilities, the warehouse isn’t going to take high priority, if it gets heated at all. In many cases warehouses are left without any temperature regulation for the cold months. If your company does have a heated warehouse, it’s likely costing you a fortune to keep a certain temperature maintained. Nonetheless, if the product you store in your warehouse needs to be at a particular temperature, you don’t have a choice…do you?

Beware Barrel Band Heaters

There has been a bandaid for this problem for a long time called band heaters. You just strap then around your barrel and: presto! You have a completely unregulated, half heated, half frozen barrel of liquid. Let’s be frank, this hasn’t solved your problem at all; it only creates a new one. Unfortunately, band heaters don’t provide temperature control, they only heat up some of your product. So if band heaters are not the solution, what is?

Drums heater blanket

Powerblanket® Barrel and Drum Heaters

Unlike band heaters, Powerblanket barrel and drum heaters apply an even distribution of heat: it can be set to peak at whatever temperature is needed, thus providing temperature regulation and not just heating your product to a boiling point.

Additionally, Powerblanket barrel and drum heaters also provide savings—whether we’re talking about the alternative of heating your warehouse or the cost of using band heaters. Powerblanket’s patented design allows for an economic and efficient distribution of heat within an insulated vinyl shell. This means less energy is needed to maintain the same temperature level. So take a sigh of relief at your storage conundrum and give use a call.