GreenHeat Technology – The Heating Advantage

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Powerblanket® uses patented GreenHeat® technology to maximize heating efficiency in our entire product line.  Our patented technology much more surface area contact compared to our leading competitors.  Not only does it heat quickly, it heats evenly, saving you energy and money.  The advanced insulation efficiently directs the heat.

Leigh Huggins of Gordo Sales, Inc., had a customer that recognized these benefits and uses Powerblanket products:

“In cold Montana temperatures our buried composite tank produced a leak. We dug up the tank and, because it was frozen, wrapped a Powerblanket Extra Hot blanket around the tank to get it thawed.

Once the tank was thawed, we used the Powerblanket product to prevent further freezing and to cure the adhesive while attending to the remaining maintenance requirements.

Powerblanket saved us valuable time and allowed us to continue working in a situation that could have been extremely costly.”

The below diagram illustrates how GreenHeat technology works:

Let our GreenHeat advantage work for you.


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  1. can i get a manual for my 5 year old greenheat nema type 4x water tight heater controler .it came with my powerblanket but lost it

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