Ground Thawing – What a Concept

Frozen ground can put a damper on many a project. Whether you need to lay concrete or dig to repair a pipe, a stubborn layer of frozen ground can really make for a lot of extra work.



Thawing Frozen Ground before Summer

Here are a couple scenarios to play through, and there are many more to consider too:

Let’s say you or your construction crew need to dig to repair a pipe, or you need to prep to lay concrete on frozen topsoil. In either case, dealing with frozen ground is certainly not ideal. So what do you do? Well, waiting till the ground thaws in the late spring or early summer probably isn’t an option, and heating the ground with massive coils or large heating systems becomes expensive and cumbersome. Besides all this, this sort of approach takes rental fees, transporting the equipment, and a bit more money than you probably want to dish out.

But what if there was a solution that could prep the ground for you, with little to no effort or supervision on your part. And it’s a solution you can purchase and use every time you need it, since it’s so affordable. Well, Powerblanket has the answer in our patented heating technology.


Powerblanket’s Ground Thawing Blankets

With our ground-thawing technology, you can cover the area you need to thaw with a vinyl-encased blanket and leave the rest of it to the patented workings inside. Powerblankets disperse and deliver an even distribution of heat throughout the surface area. That’s why they can be used in applications such as ground thawing.



-Some Standout Features-

  • High watt density thaws frozen ground fast
  • Quickly remove frost prior to concrete pour
  • Melt snow and ice from roofs, walkways, and construction areas
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Can be used to cure epoxy and resins

See all the details of the Powerblanket® ground thawing blanket by downloading the free product spec sheet!



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