How to Maintain Wax Flowability

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The Perfect Candle Wax HeaterWhen working with wax, it is important to maintain flowability and the best way to do that is to heat it. When wax cools it causes build-up whether it is in a bucket, pipe, or pump. Wax build ups are not only frustrating, but can also be extremely costly to resolve. Installing a heated system before you being working and pumping is the best way to prevent the costs associated with damage repairs and cleaning maintenance.


When heating your waxes there are four questions to ask.

  • What temperature does you wax solidify?
  • What temperature does the wax burn or become damaged?
  • What temperature is best for the flowability desired?
  • What type of wax is it?


Maintaining a consistent flow is important to avoid a wax build up inside a pipe, as it can cause a decrease in productivity. When wax builds up in pipes and pumps it can create a block that will cause your equipment to break and spill. I strongly recommend heating your pipes and pumps, look for a reliable heating source that offers an even distribution of heat; this will prevent clumps building up in your pipes and pumps and keep the flow consistent.

An even distribution of heat is not only important to maintain a consistency in the wax, but is also important to avoid burning or damaging the wax.


Here are three things to look for in a heating solution to maintain wax viscosity.

  1. Even heat distribution
  2. Safe reliable temperature controls
  3. Adjustable heating controls

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