A New Spray Foam Solution Hits the Market

Spray Polyurethane Foam, or SPF, has been around for a long time now. However, Icynene, a Canadian spray foam manufacturer, has recently created a new and exciting spray foam that is rather innovative.


Spray Foam- The Better Insulation 1Icynene’s Classic Plus

If you thought building-code requirements were strict in the United States, they may be even more so in Canada. According to PR Web’s report on the matter, Icynene developed its most recent product (trademarked as Classic Plus™) to answer the stringent requirements of the Canadian building codes. This new foam from Icynene, boasts some impressive numbers when it comes to thermal resistance. In fact, according to Icynene’s report, it’s one of the very best in the market, weighing in at 0.72 (m2•K)/W at 25.4 mm. If you’re in the spray-foam business, you know that’s an impressive number.

This isn’t the only feature that differentiates this new foam from the others, however. Along with its thermal-resistance qualities, Classic Plus™ also plays well with a lot of surfaces, offering “excellent adhesion to a broad range of substrates,” (Icynene). One more characteristic that makes this product a real winner is its ability to work well in a lot of different temperatures and humidity levels.


Spray Foam- The Better Insulation 2Why We Care

Powerblanket® is interested in all the industries in which we do business, and spray foam is one of them. With all the great features that come in a product like Classic Plus™, we understand how important it is to protect such against cold temperatures.

If you’re going to store spray foam in conditions that are below ideal (and these conditions happen often in places like Canada) you need a spray foam solution that will keep the foam at the proper temperature. As much as spray foam helps protect the indoors against the bitter weather, when still a liquid, it’s very sensitive to the cold. That’s why Powerblanket provides spray foam heaters to keep your spray foam container storage toasty warm through the winter months.

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