Powerblanket Heating Solutions: Driven By Patented GreenHeat Technology

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At Powerblanket® our brand and innovative technology have always gone hand-in-hand.  Our patented graphite-based heat spreading technology known as GreenHeat Technology™ is found in every electrically powered heating solution we manufacture today.  GreenHeat Technology provides many benefits that have driven the demand for the products we build.

In addition to standard products serving construction and industrial markets, a high percentage of the heating solutions we manufacture today are custom applications.  The following are some of the various markets and industries Powerblanket serves today:


As mentioned earlier, the benefits provided to the markets and industries Powerblanket serves have driven the demand for GreenHeat Technolgy. The ability of Powerblanket heating solutions to either make or save our customers money is the driving force behind our success.  The following are a few of the product benefits we are capable of providing:

  • Cold Weather Concrete Curing Capability
  • Accelerated Cure Times & Strengths (PSI Levels)
  • Freeze Protection
  • Temperature Control
  • Reduced Down Times
  • Sustainable Productivity
  • Meeting Production Schedules
  • Enhanced Flow Rates
  • Maintain Accurate Pressure Readings
  • Lower Cost of Installation & Maintenance
  • Chemical & Lubricant Integrity / Protection


We have always prided ourselves on listening to our customers.  Making a concerted effort to truly understand the application requirements and desired results is what allows us to translate product features into deliverable expectations.  Our commitment to producing innovative heating solutions is what has allowed us to diversify our product offering; both standard and custom.  Our people are truly our greatest asset; our customers and their many application challenges are our greatest source of motivation and success.

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