Protecting Your DEF Storage With DEF Heaters

Since the 2010 mandated regulations on diesel exhaust, the demand for DEF in the United States has only increased. If you’re in the DEF supply business, the important question now is how to keep your valuable product safe from the effects of cold weather. 


Powerblanket DEF storage heaterDEF Storage Essentials

Those familiar with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) are also familiar with the fact that it has to be stored within a reasonable temperature range. Unless you’re keeping it all in a well-insulated and well-heated warehouse, the winter months could pose some problems when it come to adequately maintaining your product.  (Even if you do have an insulated and heated warehouse, there’s still a much more energy-efficient way to store your DEF.)Here’s some helpful information from an additional source:


According to, “the shelf life of DEF is two years, if the fluid temperature remains between 15ºF and 65ºF (-9ºC and 18ºC). Where DEF is stored outside in bulk tanks or totes, then heating and cooling solutions are available to ensure it is kept within the correct temperature range, (”So for all of you who have to store your DEF outdoors, the big question is what to do during cold weather, so as not to compromise the life of your DEF. Well, that’s where Powerblanket comes in.


Powerblanket’s® DEF Storage Heaters


  • Keep your DEF at optimal temperature for optimal shelf life and performance
  • Keep DEF stored outside and save costs on heating a warehouse
  • Heater provides uniform heat across entire heated blanket
  • Preset thermostatic control to prevent overheating
  • Keeps DEF and pump housing stored at optimal temperatures
  • Insulated top with flap for easy access
  • Two extended pump rack brackets




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