Snow traction mats

Every time the weatherman issues a winter storm warning, a collective groan can be heard from anyone who is in charge of snow removal in the affected area. The early morning wakeup call and the physical work of clearing the heavy fresh snow with a snow shovel or snowblower is not everyone’s idea of a good time. What if there was an easier way to melt snow on your sidewalk?

Summerstep snow traction mats are the answer. These industrial floor mats use an efficient heating technology to safely melt snow on your sidewalk and add additional traction from a non-slip rubber tread. The mats are designed to be used alone, or daisy chained together by means of a water tight plug, so you can link several together to cover your walkway.

snow melting mat

If stair safety is an issue, Summerstep also comes in a configuration meant to fit your stairs. Simply link together as many snow traction mats as you need to fit the stairs and you won’t have to worry about any slick surfaces, or using harsh snow melting chemicals. The warm mats will melt the existing snow, prevent any re-freezing, and provide a grippy surface to step on.
snow melting mat

Summerstep snow traction mats are designed to industrial strength standards, so they will last you for years with proper use and care. Now you can melt snow on the sidewalk and stairs without the back breaking labor involved, and you’ll have peace of mind for the duration of the snowstorm. You won’t have to spend any more time and energy to keep the walkways clear- let Summerstep do the work.

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