Precast Concrete and Powerblanket: A 300% Increase in Efficiency

If you’re in the business of precast concrete, then you know how frustrating it is to have to pour once a day. When it comes to precast production, the curing time for concrete simply isn’t very conducive to a good production turnaround. But what if you could increase your cure rate by 300%? Well, read on, because you can.


Precast concrete manholeConcrete and Powerblanket

The inception of Powerblanket over one decade ago actually spawned from the use of certain technologies (our innovative approach to heating solutions) in order to cure concrete faster and more efficiently. The idea for accelerated concrete curing was no new idea. Chemical admixtures were used to increase the cure time of concrete before Powerblanket came along to change the game. But the problem with chemical additives is that they dehydrate the concrete as they speed up the curing process. And as any concrete expert knows, that’s a big problem.

The Powerblanket solution, on the other hand, keeps the moisture in the concrete while producing insulation, protection, and heat—all of which increase the curing efficiency by 300%. That’s right, and in the case of pouring concrete into forms, well, such an increase makes a real difference. Adding customized Powerblanket heating solutions to your precast concrete business means that you can increase your throughput substantially. If you’re pouring only once a day, adding a Powerblanket solution to your process means you’ll be able to pour three times a day.

And the beauty of Powerblanket heating solutions is that they’re easy to install, remove, transport, and store. So when a form of concrete is cured, you can remove the blanket quicker than the form itself. Additionally, Powerblanket heating solutions can be customized to fit just about anything. So if you use unique precast forms, there’s no need to fret. To put it simply: if you can build it, produce it, or store it, Powerblanket can cover it.