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Heating in Hazardous Locations

Electrical equipment can cause explosions when used in areas where explosive substances may exist. To prevent this, Powerblanket has developed the most advanced hazardous area heating systems on the market, complete with special wiring and safety equipment to ensure the highest standards of safety. Powerblanket®  Products have been thoroughly tested and certified to the most stringent safety standards. Now you can rest easy as Powerblanket solves your heating problems with complete safety.

Powerblanket® Tank Heaters solve any kind of heating problem, from simple to very complex. Powerblanket® engineers have the ability to design and build custom heaters for tanks of almost any size and shape. Even better, any tank heater can be designed, built and shipped in 14 days or less. Now that’s impressive!

Why Choose Powerblanket?

  • Certified Systems available for complete peace of mind in hazardous locations
  • Maintain optimal temperatures in freezing temperatures
  • Easily customized to fit your specific application perfectly
  • Reduce downtime costs and losses caused by damaged equipment
  • Protect critical materials and equipment from weather related damage
  • Water and wind resistant

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