The Dairy Industry: Left Out in the Cold

Anyone who works in the dairy industry knows that cold weather isn’t on your side. You have vital assets that need protection from freezing temperatures, and traditional methods of warming and heating are inadequate and costly. That’s why Powerblanket works to provide the dairy industry with innovative, customized heating solutions that are easy to use and highly efficient.


Dairy Industry Freeze ProtectionProtection Against the Cold

Whether we’re talking about water troughs, milk stores, fertilizer, or DEF storage, the dairy farmer has a lot of needs for freeze protection. Thankfully, Powerblanket offers the agricultural industry solutions that are economical, easy to use, easy to store, and easy to transport. Additionally, Powerblanket offers customization for unique heating applications. Our products will keep your milk from freezing, your water troughs and tanks from turning to ice, they’ll keep your fertilizer safe from the cold, and they’ll keep your precious DEF protected from the dropping temperatures.


Here are just a few of the innovative products that will help you maintain operations through the winter:


Barrel and Drum Heaters

Perhaps you store liquid or solid fertilizer in large barrels or drums. If that’s the case, then we have the perfect solution for you. Our barrel and drum heaters outperform any alternative option on the market, keeping your storage at the ideal temperature for as long as needed.



  • Barrel heaters work with both steel and poly containers
  • Full wrap-around design provides complete insulation and ensures equal heat distribution
  • Drum warmers deliver safe, uniform heat to expensive materials without overheating or burning
  • Design decreases and prevents product waste among temp-sensitive materials by maintaining consistent storage temperatures without significant fluctuations
  • Highly energy-efficient GreenHeat Technology™ and lowers energy-related expenses and overall material and equipment costs


Bulk Material Warmers (Hot Box)

If you have miscellaneous materials that need to be stored in a warm, weather-proof shelter, then take a look at the Powerblanket Hot Box. The Hot Box comes in three different performance levels to match your heating needs, and the versatility of the product is substantial.



  • Preserves temperature sensitive material
  • Setup is quick and effortless
  • Heats palletized products to prevent freezing
  • Side doors allow for easy access
  • Certified to UL/CSA/CE standards


DEF Storage Heaters

You’re well aware that the new diesel exhaust regulations apply to agricultural vehicles now. So it’s imperative to safe guard your DEF storage and keep it from the ravages of cold weather. Powerblanket storage heaters offer a specialized heat solution for DEF storage tanks and hoses.



  • Preset thermostatic control to prevent overheating
  • Keeps DEF and pump housing stored at optimal temperatures
  • Insulated top with flap for easy access
  • Two extended pump rack brackets
  • Provides uniform heat across entire heated blanket


Custom Heating Solutions

As already mention, our solutions go beyond our ready-to-ship products. If you have a unique heating need that our standard line doesn’t cover, that’s not a problem. We’re a leader in providing custom heating solutions for a myriad of heating needs.


Powerblanket Custom Heating Solutions:

  • Fast turn-around times
  • The ability to answer varying levels of customization
  • Certification to universal safety standards
  • Ease of installation and use


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