Powerblanket® Viscosity Control Solutions

Powerblanket makes it easy to improve the flow of viscous liquids. Powerblanket offers various ready-to-ship products, from bucket and drum heaters to ibc tote heaters. We also have the capability to produce custom solutions for most applications. If you need help keeping your critical viscous liquids flowing, Powerblanket has you covered.

Powerblanket Viscosity / Flow Control Solutions:

  • ​Deliver safe, uniform heat to expensive materials without overheating or burning.
  • Full wrap-around design provides complete insulation and ensures equal heat distribution.
  • Increase the performance and efficiency of your processes.
  • ​Safety certified to UL/CSA/CE Standards. Class1 Div2 hazardous location products also available.
  • Deliver safe, uniform heat to expensive materials without overheating or burning.
  • Highly energy-efficient technology lowers energy-related expenses and overall project and equipment costs.
  • Decrease and prevent product waste among temp-sensitive materials by maintaining consistent storage temperatures without significant fluctuations.
  • Custom systems can be designed for a large variety of  applications – and shipped within 2 weeks.

drum heaters

Drum Heaters

Powerblanket insulating, wrap-around drum heaters deliver the best value among drum heating devices.

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IBC Tote Heaters

How do you keep a IBC / tote tank, full of viscous materials at optimal temperatures? Powerblanket Tote Heaters are the the solution.

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Bucket Heaters

Powerblanket’s bucket heaters are superior in performance & quality when compared to band heaters.

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Bulk Material Warmers

The Hot Box is a universal heating solution for temperature-sensitive materials.


Custom Viscosity Control Solutions

Powerblanket offers custom heating solutions for your product, project, or plan. Powerblanket custom solutions provide the best heating solution for a wide variety of applications. When you purchase a Powerblanket custom heating solution, you’ll benefit from quick turn-around times and the ability to choose from varying levels of customization. Our products are certified to universal safety standards and are easy to install, use, and store.


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Viscosity Control / Flow Control