Grease Keg Heaters That Really Deliver

Grease Keg Heaters That Really Deliver 1Grease, oil, hydraulic fluids and other petroleum products require viscosity control regardless of season.  Pumping cold grease is an impossible task.  Ask any lube shop or  mechanic.  Without a method for efficiently heating petroleum products during cold weather, mother nature wins the battle every time.

Grease kegs, oil drums and a host of other viscous materials benefit greatly from the heating properties of GreenHeat Technology used in Powerblanket® products. Engineered with a patented heat spreading material, Powerblanket, LLC manufactures a complete line of heated wraps for drums, barrels, buckets and totes.  Powerblanket heaters even the playing field and allow temperature control to proceed without delay.


  • Grease Keg Heaters That Really Deliver Heat, insulate and protect materials year round
  • Works on both metal & poly drums and pails
  • Best solution for viscosity & flow control
  • Heat propane and other compressed gases
  • Maximum freeze protection to -40F/-40C
  • Insulated full wrap design – keeps heat in & cold out
  • Safe on a wide variety of materials
  • Certified to UL/CSA safety standards
  • New Rapid-Ramp 2x heat technology available on select models
  • Adjustable thermostat options for pinpoint temperature control


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