North Slope Chillers™: Portable Chillers by Powerblanket
portable chillers

Optimize performance when the heat is high with North Slope portable chiller systems by Powerblanket. If you need industrial-level to keep your processes running smoothly, or you’re protecting critical materials against extreme heat, our line of portable chiller units is your answer.

Each of our portable industrial chiller units is equipped with a continuous duty, non-ferrous pump and boasts the most advanced active refrigeration circuit available. The high quality compressor is the magic behind the chiller’s efficiency and reliability. With a stainless steel reservoir and fully welded stainless steel couplers, this portable chiller system is much higher quality than the competition that uses plastic reservoirs.

North Slope Chiller’s portable industrial chiller offers precise temperature control, down to 20 °F. It is totally programmable; you can set temperatures and setpoints. This portable chiller unit is self-contained and requires only a power connection. Enjoy the ease of a small industrial chiller that comes on 4 casters for easy mobility and a minimal footprint. Our small industrial chillers combined with Powerblanket ICE circulation blankets are ideal for process cooling and other industrial cooling applications.

North Slope Chillers: Portable Chiller Standout Features

  • Rated at ambient temperatures from 35ºF to 100 ºF
  • Hermetically sealed compressor & Non-ferrous piping-system
  • Continuous duty, non-ferrous pump, 4 GPM at 50 PSI (other pumps available)
  • Submersed copper coil evaporator
  • Stainless steel tank with fully welded stainless steel couplers (12 gallon capacity)
  • Environmentally acceptable R134a refrigerant
  • Powder-coated steel or stainless steel cabinet
  • Available voltages: 120VAC & 240VAC
  • Comes standard with a twist-lock plug
  • Mounted on casters (feet option available)
  • Cooling capacity up to 12,000 BTU’s/h

Powerblanket Portable Chillers Reduce Material Losses for a Large Manufacturer

Seeking a cooling solution for one of their Mexico plants, a large manufacturing company found Powerblanket through a third party distributor. They had 55 gallon drums of varnish, epoxy, and resins and were losing up to eight barrels (valued at $5,000.00 each) each week in the hot humid conditions at their plant. The ambient conditions of roughly 125°F caused the material in the drum to cure while still in the barrel.

Powerblanket supplied six chillers and six circulation blankets to stage on production line and eliminated their material losses. – Saving them $40,000/ Week.

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