Powerblanket 400 Insulated Band HeaterPowerblanket 400 – Insulated Band Heater

The safer – more efficient alternative to the traditional band heater.


Benefits of the Powerblanket 400 Insulated Band Heater:

SAFETY – Traditional band heaters are dangerous to work with. Some band heaters have a surface temperature over 400º F. This is a serious safety risk for burns and fires. The new Powerblanket® 400 Band Heater is safe to touch and is still an efficient heating source.

EFFICIENCY  – Traditional band heaters need between 600-1200 Watts to heat up products and materials.  This is a waste of electricity because a large percentage of that heat is transferred directly into the air. The all-new Powerblanket 400 Band Heater is an insulated heater so it doesn’t need as many watts to heat up products and materials and to maintain heat.

FLEXIBILITY – The new Powerblanket 400 Band Heater is available in 300°F and 400°F versions, giving you the flexibility to choose the amount of heat you need. The Powerblanket 400 Insulated Band Heater can be used to protect your product from freezing, warm and thaw, or to heat up your products and maintain optimal viscosity.

Now Available for Purchase in 300°F and 400°F versions for the following applications:

  • 55 Gallon Drum

  • 30 Gallon Drum

  • 15 Gallon Drum

  • 5 Gallon Pail

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Powerblanket 400 insulated band heaters are an all-new insulated band heater.  They are safe to the touch and easy to use.

If your goal is to protect the contents in your drum from freezing, then the Powerblanket 400 band heater is an affordable and efficient solution to solve your freezing problems. If you need to heat the contents in your drum and improve the viscosity of the contents, Powerblanket 400 band heaters are the right choice for you.

The groundbreaking new Powerblanket 400 insulated band heater is hottest product to hit the heating industry in years.

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Powerblanket 400 Insulated Band Heater