Powerblanket 400 Band Heater

We’ve just added an exciting new product line to the Powerblanket solutions family—the Powerblanket 400™ industrial heating blanket. These new blankets offer higher temperature heating capabilities for industries that need extreme heat application.

Powerblanket 400 heating blankets are able to reach temperatures as high as 400° F! That translates into 300 watts per square foot of surface area, allowing for increased heat transfer throughout the entire application.  These blankets offer high-powered, high-temperature heating for jobs that need oven-like temperatures.

With high-efficiency aluminum heat-spreading technology, Powerblanket 400 heating blankets offer increased heat density and an even distribution of heat. What’s more, these blankets are constructed with our new silicone-coated, 2nd generation fiberglass shell, which is both extremely durable and flame resistant.

Why Powerblanket 400 Heating Blankets?

  • Increase heating capacity, up to 400° F
  • Durable silicone-coated, 2nd generation fiberglass shell
  • Insulative shell reduces heat loss and makes the product safe to handle.
  • High efficiency aluminum heat-spreading technology
  • Comes in 120 V and 240 V options
  • Ideal for epoxy curing, welding prep, manufacturing processes, and much more
  • Available for band heaters and for custom applications
  • Available with our new, advanced programmable logic control (PLC) systems for total temperature control

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