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At the end of the day, everyone wants things to be easier and more efficient.  With smart phones, it is becoming easier and more efficient to keep track of everything.  Beacon’s wifi temperature monitor brings this ease and access to industrial temperature control. With the  same features as many single stage, electronic temperature controllers, the Beacon remote temperature monitor & controller also boasts many added benefits made possible by internet connectivity. For example: monitor conditions remotely and change settings remotely through a web portal or mobile app, receive alerts when temperatures reach user defined thresholds, and set alerts to notify when settings are changed.   

Control and monitor your system remotely with Beacon wifi temperature monitor. Check on current conditions and adjust setpoints, differentials, and other details related to your system.  Boilers, chillers, refrigerated warehouses, beer and beverage coolers, tank, valve, drum and tote heaters and many more systems will work seamlessly with Beacon industrial temperature controller.  

Leave your system unattended with the peace of mind that your temperature thresholds are accurately monitored.  The remote temperature monitor will alert you of any problems, whether you are present or not.  Beacon’s wifi temperature monitor allows you to keep historic temperature data for long-term reference or process analysis. A log of electrical current lets you analyze the duty cycle of your cooling or heating equipment and the operating cost.  Efficient, convenient, reliable.

Benefits of Beacon Remote Temperature Monitor & Controller:

  • Compatibility with a wide variety of heating or cooling devices
  • Change settings locally or connect remotely through Wi-Fi or Cellular networks, so you can keep your operation running smoothly wherever you are.
  • Customizable scheduling and alerts based on temperature, electrical current, voltage, and resistance readings, give you complete peace of mind.
  • Create multiple users with varying levels of access and control for added security.
  • 120/208/240V AC options, switch up to 24 amps
  • Easier programming and remote functionality than the Johnson Controls A419 or A421 controllers.

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 Johnson controller a419 or a421 smart alternative

Beacon Remote Temperature Monitor Portal:

We make it easy to manage your wifi temperature monitor and controller with the Beacon Portal. Unlike the Johnson Controls A419 or A421 controllers, Beacon controllers were designed for ease and simplicity – the remote monitoring and control portal is available through your computer or on your iOS or android mobile device. Whether you have a single controller or multiple devices, managing critical temperatures is easier with the Beacon Control Portal than with the simple Johnson Controls A419 or A421 controllers.

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