IBC Tank Sizes and IBC Dimensions


An ideal storage container, there are a variety of IBC tank sizes for your industrial needs. Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), totes and tanks are ideal for storing industrial products in large quantitiestote heater / ibc heater


IBC tote tanks are an essential container for many industrial operations.  Hazardous materials, chemicals, and dangerous goods are stored in IBCs.  The food industry stores liquid, granulated, and powdered food ingredients, along with syrups, corn syrup, and molasses within IBC tote tanks.  They are ideal for solvents, detergents, or adhesives.  IBC tote tanks are even used for rooftop rainwater collection.

Such a versatile storage tool, IBCs are manufactured in plastic, carbon steel, or stainless steel and IBC sizes range from 180 to 550 gallons.



The Carry Company, a Powerblanket partner, has the following IBC tank sizes available online:



  • 275 gal.
  • 330 gal.

 Carbon Steel:

Stainless Steel:


IBC tank dimensions vary; however, Powerblanket manufactures heates for IBCs.

IBC Dimensions:

250 Gallon / 950 L 48’L x 42”W x 35”H
275 Gallon / 1040 L 48”L x 40”W x 46”H
330 Gallon / 1250 L 48”L x 40”W x 53”H
350 Gallon / 1325 L 48”L x 42”W x 47”H
450 Gallon / 1325 L 48”L x 42”W x 59”H
550 Gallon / 1325 L 48”L x 42”W x 71”H

How do you keep an IBC tank full of product at optimal temperatures? Powerblanket has the solution. Powerblanket heaters emit safe, consistent heat. This ensures your IBC tanks are stored at optimal temperatures. Our standard IBC heaters fit 250 gallon, 275 gallon, 330 gallon, 350 gallon, 450 gallon and 550 gallon IBC tanks. Through our custom process we can manufacture heaters to fit any IBC. Easy to install, Powerblanket IBC heaters will save you time, money, and preserve your sensitive products.

IBC Tank Sizes


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