When temperatures drop below freezing, it’s too late to plan for emergencies. Businesses need to get ahead of temperature problems by preparing for cold weather. Those that do so avoid more than accidents; they maintain an uninterrupted flow of materials and operations, unhindered by how cold it is outside.

Using Powertrace pipeline heat trace cable from Powerblanket will give you peace of mind and save your business time & money. No need to worry about operational slowdowns or shutdowns caused by frozen systems – Just focus on your business while Powertrace self regulating heat trace cable handles the weather.

Powerblanket Heat Trace

Protect Critical Systems and Equipment

Setting up heat trace cable is a quick task that begins bringing heat to your equipment as soon as it’s wired in.

Avoid Shutdowns & Downtime

Avoid Downtime and Costly Shutdowns by protecting your systems from freeze ups

Improve Flow & Viscosity

Deliver heat to temperature sensitive systems and maintain desired flow

Safety Certified

ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards

Peace of Mind

Know that your equipment, materials, and bottom line are protected from the dangers of freezing

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Pipe Freeze Ups
• HRSG Freeze Protection
• Condensate line freeze protection

Valve Freeze Ups
• Bypass Valve Freeze Ups
• LP Level Control Freeze Protection

Instrument Freeze Ups
• Turbidimeter Freeze Ups
• High Pressure Steam Flow Transmitter Freeze Protection

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Confidence in the Cold With Heat Trace

  • Heat Trace Controllers

    Controllers and sensors to operate heat trace systems and maintain critical temperatures.

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  • Heat Trace Cable

    Self-Regulating heating cable provides freeze protection and temperature maintenance for critical systems and equipment such as pipes, valves, and sensors.

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  • Heat Trace Accessories

    All the accessory items you need to install and maintain your heating cable system, from power connection kits to tape and clamps to secure the heat trace line.

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How to Design a Heat Trace System

Pipeline heat tracing, more commonly referred to as heat trace, is an electrical cable heating system of heat-conductive wire. Heat trace is usually placed along piping to prevent liquids inside from freezing. It can also be used to provide temperature maintenance to valves and sensor equipment.

Trace heating is a convenient way to ensure freeze protection. Low temperature working environments require heating to stay operational, a situation that is perfect for using heat trace cable. Whether you need to reheat pipes back to a warmer temperature or prevent freezing from happening in the first place, electrical heat trace cable gets the job done.

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