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When it comes to storing chemicals and industrial materials during cold weather, you have to make sure you keep your products at an ideal temperature. Many chemicals are particularly sensitive to temperature and require stringent guidelines for storage. That’s why Powerblanket produces a top-of-the-line tote heater.


Product Spotlight- IBC Tote Heater 1

The Proper Tote Heater

If you’re already familiar with storing chemicals and other temperature-sensitive materials but have never heard of a tote heater (aka IBC heater), then perhaps you’re storing your products in tote or drum ovens. But ovens are pricy and can only hold so many totes. A far more economical option comes by making use of tote heaters (hereafter referred to as IBC heaters).

The proper tote-heating solution comes in the form of a simple vinyl blanket that allows for equal, consistent, and regulated heat distribution. In contrast to an oven, IBC heaters provide an equal amount of heat control, but at a fraction of the cost. However, not all IBC heaters are created equal. The absence of certain features can make or break the product’s efficiency.

One primary characteristic to look for in an IBC heater is a simple electrical plugin. The ability to use a common outlet for your heater is essential for the product to prove convenient. And even more important than this is to have an insulated lid. An IBC heater without an insulated lid won’t work efficiently. This is due to the gap that exists between the support cage and the tank. Without an insulated lid, you will lose a lot of heat through the top of your heater.


Product Spotlight- IBC Tote Heater 2

Powerblanket® IBC Heaters

Some manufacturers will sell the lid to their IBCs as an add-on feature, requiring an additional purchase, but allPowerblanket® IBC Heaters come as a complete package—lid included. When you purchase an IBC from Powerblanket, you don’t need to worry about any add-ons, accessories, or additional components. Our IBC heaters are ready to use to their full potential right away. What’s more, only Powerblanket® IBC heaters are equip with our patented technology—offering an even and consistent distribution of heat that is far more efficient than traditional heat trace technology.


Powerblanket IBC / Tote Heaters Standout Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Safely heats a wide variety of materials
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Certified to UL/CSA/CE standards
  • Includes a thermostatic controller to prevent accidental overheating


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