Powerblanket IBC tote warmers and tote heaters efficiently and safely heat temperature sensitive materials. Most chemicals and industrial supplies have stringent storage and temperature requirements. Cold temperatures can be particularly troublesome. If you store chemicals or other industrial supplies in large totes, it’s difficult to find an effective heating solution.

Powerblanket IBC heater blankets provide safe, consistent heat, ensuring your totes are stored at optimal temperatures. Our standard tote heater blankets fit 250 gallon, 275 gallon, 330 gallon, 350 gallon, 450 gallon and 550 gallon totes. A Powerblanket IBC tote warmer offers consistent, and regulated heat distribution at a fraction of the cost of other industrial heating blanket alternatives. The advanced insulation prevents heat loss and will protect down to -40°F/-40°C. The heating element within the blanket allows for more surface area contact, conserving energy and greatly reducing hot and cold spots. Heat paints, roofing materials, chemicals, epoxies, resins, equipment, and pallets of any material with these industrial heating blankets.

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Safely heat and protect a wide variety of chemicals and materials without scorching or burning


Improve flow and viscosity with total temperature control


Deliver uniform heat to temperature sensitive products


Quickly and effortlessly install the compact and portable design


ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards

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Yale Cordage used chemicals with specific temperature requirements in the production of synthetic rope, and the facility’s ambient temperatures were constantly fluctuating. Yale Cordage selected the Powerblanket tote heater because of its competitive features and simplicity.

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“I met with the field maintenance crew of the Juneau Alaska International Airport to demonstrate my product, Instant Road Repair (IRR). For my demonstration, I tried to bring the IRR up to a workable temperature by using a forced air ceramic heater. During my presentation the product did not perform well and to the product overheated 40°F / 22°C above the maximum recommended temperature. It cost me the entire pallet of material, and I was also embarrassed. Since then, I use the Powerblanket tote heater.”
Vern Fiehler
Quick Road Repair, Alaska
“Powerblanket, your tote heater blankets have been wonderful to work with and have kept our totes warm and protected from the harsh conditions here in the cold Rocky Mountains. We have loved the functionality of these blankets because they are extremely easy to wrap around our totes, strap shut, plug in, and maintain desired temperature with the thermostatic controllers. There have been no issues with the tote heater blankets flaking, tearing, or ripping in any way, and we appreciate their water resistance. The blankets are easily sprayed and wiped down to help keep them clean and looking new. Thank you for assisting us with our heating frustrations and keeping our totes and the material within, warm and protected. You have helped keep our company running efficiently and retaining profit. We love your tote heaters and would recommend them to anyone.”
A Colorado Energy Company


Powerblanket tote warmers and IBC heaters are available in three performance levels to best meet your needs.

Powerblanket Lite Tote Heater and IBC Heater

This product class is ideal for lite industrial applications.
- 2 sizes available: Fits 40”x48” or 36”x48” pallets
- 800 Watt design
- Preserves temperature sensitive material
- Quick and easy assembly for portability and storage
- Great solution for palletized products: paint, caulk, resins and epoxies, etc.
- Two side access doors on opposite sides
- Certified to UL/CSA standards
- Durable vinyl shell

Powerblanket Tote Heater and IBC Heater

The standard Powerblanket tote heater blanket is our most robust, and has all the features of the Powerblanket Lite plus:
- Higher wattage (1200 Watts) for faster heating times & more extreme conditions

Powerblanket Premium Tote Heater and IBC Heater

The Premium Hot Box is ideal for very cold conditions, provides all the features of the Powerblanket model, and also offers:
- A larger footprint (Fits 48” x 48” pallet)
- An internal steel frame
- The highest wattage (1440 Watts)
- A controller for precise temperature regulation

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