Cold Weather Roofing Calculator

Extending Your Roofing Season by 2 to 4 Months

Roofing contractors know firsthand how volatile winter weather can be. One second there's sunshine, the next, it's a snowstorm! This makes completing roofing jobs on time difficult and often puts strain on supplies. Fortunately, innovative solutions like bulk material warmers or bucket heaters exist to help extend your roofing season by 2-4 months each year - giving you more flexibility when tackling even unpredictable winter conditions. Use our unique roofing calculator below to understand more. This isn't your traditional roofing material calculator, and you'll get a lot more than just how many bundles of shingles you need to use. Using bulk material warmers and/or bucket heaters, you can heat your roofing supplies and extend your roofing season by 2-4 months each year. You'll need a few inputs, like your project's square footage (L x W, the area of your roof) and the roof pitch, so we can get you moving on your next winter roofing project.


You can bring new opportunities and projects into your business that competitors would typically leave behind as these products allow you to jump over weather hurdles.


Make the most out of limited weather windows and easily complete projects. With no fear of cold weather disrupting your workflow, you can finish roofing jobs on schedule.


These products are designed with your safety in mind, so you can rest assured knowing that roofing jobs will be completed without worry.


Extend your roofing season with our products and services, allowing you to take on more jobs each year and assure that no materials or time goes to waste.

Bulk Material Warmers for Shingles and Adhesives

Cold weather is the enemy of roofing jobs, as cold temperatures can cause expensive damage to materials like shingles and adhesives. Powerblanket's Bulk Material Warmers provide insulation from frigid conditions so your job site will stay warm enough for a successful installation. Our Hot Boxes are easy to assemble and take apart – perfect for onsite or transporting goods. To ensure accuracy in temperature regulation, our standard models keep contents between 100°F-120°F with an optional adjustable thermostatic controller available if more precision is desired. Protect your materials against costly winter chill today!

To ensure that roofing materials stay in peak condition, regardless of the weather outside, utilize Bulk Material Warmers from Powerblanket. This is an innovative way to protect your shingle and adhesive investments against frigid temperatures while doing any roofing job far more efficiently!

How They Work - When to Use Them

Our Bulk Material Warmers are the perfect solution for keeping your product at a consistent temperature. With an easy-to-access storage area and durable, reliable insulation construction, these bulk warmers provide efficient heat distributed evenly throughout their 48x48x66 size range -- or custom sizes if necessary! Plus, with our one-year warranty included in every purchase, you can rest assured that your material will always stay perfectly toasty. These Bulk Material Warmers can be a lifesaver for any job site, especially in cold climates. Warmer temperatures allow you to transport roofing materials and even heat shingles or adhesive for easier application - all without wasting energy! With optimum temps between 100°F and 120°F, the warmer lets you work confidently no matter what Mother Nature throws at your project.

A perfect solution to your winter roofing needs.

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Estimate Bundles of Shingles

The first step when replacing a roof is to consider the roof’s size so you can estimate project materials accurately. In the U.S., roofs are measured in square footage, so we will need to know a few things to estimate the number of shingles you will need to move forward. Determine the length and width of your project; it's best to plan for extra instead of being too specific. Also, determine your roof pitch to ensure you plan for enough shingles for optimal coverage. Now that you have your roof measurements, you can see how many shingles you need.


Roof Pitch Multipliers

Pitch Angle Multiply By
1/12 4.8° 1.003
3/12 14.0° 1.031
5/12 22.6° 1.083
7/12 30.3° 1.158
9/12 36.9° 1.250
11/12 42.5° 1.357
13/12 47.3° 1.474
15/12 51.3° 1.601
17/12 54.8° 1.734
19/12 57.7° 1.873
21/12 60.3° 2.016
23/12 62.4° 2.162
Pitch Angle Multiply By
2/12 9.5° 1.014
4/12 18.4° 1.054
6/12 26.6° 1.118
8/12 33.7° 1.202
10/12 39.8° 1.302
12/12 45.0° 1.414
14/12 49.4° 1.537
16/12 53.1° 1.667
18/12 56.3° 1.803
20/12 59.0° 1.944
22/12 61.4° 2.088
24/12 63.4° 2.236

Your Shingle Bundle Estimate:


Bundles of 3-tab shingles

Estimate Bulk Material Warmers To Keep Shingles Warm

The weather can have a significant impact on the success of a roofing job. When installing shingles in cold weather, there is an increased risk of the shingles cracking. This can happen when the temperature drops below freezing and is caused by a process called thermal shock. Find out how many bulk material warmers to sleep your shingles warm before installation. (Pro Tip: 1 warmer can hold a pallet of 42 bundles, but there is some extra space for caulking or other materials).

Your Bulk Material Warmer Estimate:


of Bulk Material Warmers

Estimate Bucket Heaters And Bulk Material Warmers To Keep Adhesive Warm

Build the perfect winter roofing job plan by utilizing both bulk material warmers and bucket heaters. With both of these products on your job site, you can keep your shingles and adhesive warm and ready on the ground. Having the adhesive already warm makes our bucket heaters even more efficient in keeping the adhesive flowing. Knowing that your shingles can remain flexible in the cold weather will prevent dramatic waste or shingles as they won't crack when brought up to install.

Your Bucket Heater Estimate:


of bucket warmers

Your Bulk Material Warmer Estimate:


of Bulk Material Warmers

Warming Your Adhesive

Our 5-Gallon Bucket Heaters will help to keep your roofing adhesive at the optimal temperature for a smooth flow, even in cold weather. Wrapping directly around the bucket ensures easy use and prevents freezing or thickening, which can affect performance when applied.

For roofing companies, the right adhesive viscosity is vital for a successful project. Our bucket heaters guarantee your projects will succeed even in cold conditions, so you can take advantage of winter's busy season and reduce waste on job sites with optimized flow viscosity. Don't let minor weather changes ruin excellent adhesives - get ahead by getting our reliable bucket heaters!

Say Yes to Winter Roofing Jobs and Higher Profits

Prepare for an extended roofing season, even during colder weather conditions! Bulk Material Warmers and Bucket Heaters are an ideal way to increase productivity and profits by completing more jobs. Take advantage of this cost-effective benefit by using these safe and easy tools on your next project - you won't regret it!

Keep Things Hot on the Ground and the Roof

We understand that you must keep supplies warm in every area of your roofing project. Using this roofing calculator can ensure that you can cut down on wasted products due to cold weather interruptions. Utilizing BOTH our Bulk Material Warmers for keeping shingles and adhesive warm on the ground and our bucket heaters on the roofing as you apply roofing adhesive, you can maximize efficiency on the job site. The use of these products for your roofing projects will protect your roofing materials better than any other option on the market. Combining these products takes your entire project to the next level and sets you apart from the competition.

Keeping that adhesive flowing.

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