Tanks & Silos

Powerblanket tank & silo heaters offer year round freeze protection for frac tanks, dairy products, petroleum, and many other temperature sensitive materials. Available in multiple lengths and diameters to fit any size section.

  • Heat Outdoor Storage Tanks & Silos
  • Maintain Temperature in Fluids
  • Maximum Freeze Protection for Water, Fuel, Chemicals and Food Products
  • Protect Temperature Sensitive Liquids
  • Wrap Large Dairy Silos, Petroleum Tanks, & Water Troughs
  • Maximize Your Flow Control

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Dairy & Agriculture


Cold weather produces a host of problems for dairy farmers & agriculture professionals. Freezing temperatures can spell disaster for crops & dairy products.

Keep fluids and solids at consistent temperatures year round.. Say goodbye to cloudy material, frozen dairy, and spoiled product. Powerblanket heats, thaws, maintains, and protects holding tanks and dairy pipelines all season long. Cold weather got you stuck?  Powerblanket has the heating solution to keep products flowing!

  • Considerably less expensive than heat trace
  • Insulated design traps heat for max protection
  • Freeze protection for valves & pipelines
  • Heat storage tanks, silos, drums, and totes
  • Protect cheese, lactose, and dairy products


    DEF storage3.PNG

    Industrial flow control is critical for pipelines and process equipment during cold winter months. Frozen and broken pipelines can spell disaster for any operation.

    Powerblanket heated wraps deliver a barrier of protective heat to pipes, hoses, drums, buckets, and valves. Pipeline repair can continue without interruption or fear of frozen lines.   Fluids can be heated and maintained in even the coldest weather conditions.

    • Standard product rated to -10F/-23C
    • Arctic package rated for use at -40F/-40C
    • Insulated full wrap design keeps the heat in
    • Works on metal & poly drums, pipes & containers
    • Engineered to maintain product viscosity & flow
    • Certified to UL/CSA safety standards

    Oilfield Services


    Flow control is critical for pipelines and process equipment. Downtime costs due to frozen and broken lines can be enormous.

    Powerblanket® delivers a barrier of uniform directional heat to where it's needed most - to tanks, pipelines and other temperature sensitive equipment. Our insulated heated wraps are the most efficient / cost effective solution in the industry.

    • Heat/protect pumps, pipelines, tubing bundles
    • Freeze protect  frac waterlines and petroleum
    • Considerably less expensive than heat trace
    • Insulated design traps heat for max protection

    Propane & Gas Cylinders


    Cold whether causes propane tanks and other compressed gases to have less vapor pressure resulting in more frequent refills and product waste.

    Heating compressed gases to optimal temperatures will improve gas mileage and maximize output. Powerblanket Gas Cylinder Warmers (GCW) provide an insulated barrier of heat that keeps the heat in and the cold out.

    • Safe on propane, butane, oxygen and other compressed gases
    • Keep gases at optimal temps to reduce waste and loss of BTU
    • Ideal for service trucks, RVs & medical transports
    • Heat BBQ tanks, home fuel storage and large propane silos



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