Discover the transformative power of Hot Box Fans, the essential addition to Powerblanket's bulk material warmers. Designed for versatility and efficiency, these fans are your go-to solution for maintaining optimal temperatures in the most demanding environments. By promoting continuous air circulation, they ensure uniform temperature distribution and prevent stagnation, keeping your materials in prime condition.

Whether managing remote-location tasks, transporting temperature-sensitive materials, or requiring consistent heat at a job site, the Hot Box Fan enhances your use of Powerblanket’s Hot Boxes/Bulk Material Warmers. Easy to integrate into any Bulk Material Warmer setup, these fans are designed for all sizes, making them a seamless fit for your existing system. Perfect for applications needing precise temperature control, the Hot Box Fan promises to keep your materials between the desired 100°F and 120°F, ensuring your operations run smoothly regardless of the external conditions.

  • Universal Compatibility: This can be utilized with all Powerblanket bulk material heaters/Hot Boxes, ensuring a perfect match for any size or setup you already have.
  • Precise Temperature Control: With the addition of Hot Box Fans, achieve more accurate temperature regulation within your Hot Box, maintaining a variance of only +/- 2°F.
  • Even Heating: Ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the Hot Box, eliminating hotspots and cold spots for consistent material treatment.
  • Efficiency Enhancements: The fans operate at a low power consumption of 15 watts, boasting a high efficiency with a maximum airflow of 104 CFM, ensuring your materials are heated evenly without excessive energy costs.
  • Quiet Operation: Designed to operate quietly at a noise level of only 42 dBA, these fans won’t add disruptive noise to your work environment.
  • Durable and Reliable: With a life expectancy of 70,000 hours and operating temperatures ranging from -4°F to 167°F, these fans are built to last. The fan frame is made from diecast aluminum with a sleek black finish, and the motor is AC shaded pole, impedance-protected for added durability.
  • Easy Installation: Power connection options include 2 x lead wires or terminals for flexible installation. The lightweight design (1.2 lbs) and adjustable thermostatic controllers facilitate easy setup and adjustment.

Integrating Hot Box Fans into your Powerblanket Hot Box setup enhances the efficiency of your heating application and guarantees the durability and reliability needed for rigorous and prolonged use. With precise temperature control and even heating, these fans are an indispensable addition to your heating solutions, ensuring your materials are perfectly preserved and maintained at optimal temperatures.


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    Experience the pinnacle of temperature control with the Hot Box Fan seamlessly integrated into your bulk material heater. Designed to work effortlessly within your setup, this fan is the silent hero, ensuring even and efficient heat distribution.

    • Effortless Integration: Fits perfectly inside any bulk material heater, enhancing its efficiency without a complicated setup.
    • Uniform Heating: Ensures every part of your bulk material receives consistent warmth, thanks to optimal air circulation.
    • Reliable Operation:Designed to operate under rigorous conditions, providing stable temperature control around the clock.

    Defy the cold with Powerblanket's Hot Box, enhanced by the Hot Box Fan. This box ensures your materials stay warm even in the harshest winter conditions. It is perfect for keeping temperature-sensitive materials safe and ready for use, regardless of the weather.

    • Unmatched Protection: Offers superior freeze protection, keeping your materials at ideal temperatures between 100°F and 120°F.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for job sites, remote locations, and transporting temperature-sensitive materials in winter.
    • Energy Efficient: The Hot Box Fan enhances the Hot Box’s performance, maintaining optimal temperatures with minimal energy consumption.





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