Powerblanket’s 3’x4’ insulated concrete blankets protect concrete pours from conditions that are too cold or too hot for optimal curing. Maintain hydration and successfully work through freezing winters and burning summers with these insulated curing blankets. Our patented design eliminates hot and cold spots by applying uniform full-coverage heat across the entire surface of the blanket. Use yours to thaw ground before pouring concrete and again after finishing for freeze protection.

  3’x4’ concrete curing blankets come in two different thermal rating classes: 
  • Powerblanket - designed for any definitive heating applications, surrounded by a rugged vinyl shell, safely raises material temperatures as high as 100 F / 38 C (± 10 degrees F / 3 degrees C) and can be used in temperatures as low as -20 F
  • Powerblanket Xtreme - designed for harsh climates, surrounded by a rugged vinyl shell, safely raises material temperatures as high as 100 F / 38 C (± 10 degrees F / 3 degrees C) and can be used in temperatures as low as -20 F

All of our curing blankets come in an insulated, water-resistant design. All Powerblanket products are ETL certified to UL, CSA, and CE safety standards.

  • Reach PSI levels in a shorter period of time than conventional curing methods
  • Maintain moisture retention during the curing process for greater strength
  • Protect ground and subgrade from frost, snow and ice buildup prior to pour
  • Maintain compliance with ACI 306 cold weather requirements
  • Reduce downtime and scheduling delays 
  • Reduce the impact of freeze-thaw cycles and fluctuations in temperatures during the curing process
  • ETL certified to the same high electrical standards as other Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL’s) such as UL and CSA.
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Product Class & Model # powerblanket
MAXIMUM VINYL EXPOSURE TEMP 180º F / 80º C 220º F / 105º C
MINIMUM VINYL EXPOSURE TEMP -15º F / -20º C -58º F / -50º C
Fits container size N/A N/A
Container dimensions N/A N/A
Thermostat type Internal Preset Internal Preset
Approximate product temperature 100º F (± 10º F) / 38º C (± 5º C) 100º F (± 10º F) / 38º C (± 5º C)
Heated Dimensions 3’ x 4’ / 0.91m x 1.22m 3’ x 4’ / 0.91m x 1.22m
Heated Area 12 sq ft / 1.11 sq m 12 sq ft / 1.11 sq m
Finished Dimensions 4’ x 5’ / 1.22m x 1.52m 4’ x 5’ / 1.22m x 1.52m
Voltage 120V 120V
Wattage 240W 240W
Amperage 2A 2A
Plug type 15 AMP Plug 15 AMP Plug
Approximate weight 6 lbs / 3 kg 6 lbs / 3 kg


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  1. Works great I used this blanket to thaw vault lids to gain access in the winter.
  2. This blanket is amazing!!! It workd great on hard very frozen ground. The fact that I could get my compost after very hard frosts made me so happy, that dirt can be expensive. Even thou the blanket was a little pricey, it can be used many times. I left it two days and nights and the third day I dug down 3.5 feet! Nice soft moist compost. Needed to plant many flower bulbs in hug pots for the winter. A major experiment for the winter in zone 3 in my garage.
  3. Nice, even heat, clear directions Super high quality product that you can tell has been designed and stitched with care. I used this for warming large barrels of natural soap to consistent temps for pouring for a project and was really impressed to see how consistently it kept temp. I like that the directions are just right there on the cord so I can't lose them. Much better than the wax warmers I have used in the past!
  4. Tough and Washable "Powerblankets are a great way to heat precisely what you need to heat without worry of uneven, intermittent, overheating or inefficient power use. I find them to be job site tough, durable and field repairable with the Vinyl repair kit utilizing the HH-66 glue. They are heavy duty and can take a lot of abuse. The machine sewn stitching is very heavy duty. The belts, clasps and reinforcing are securely attached to the blankets. They can take a lot of use. The thing I notice the most is how even the heat is across the entire mat. Whatever you wrap or cover with it you can count on an even heat spread. If you add a temperature controller like the Beacon controllers with which Powerblankets has teamed up with, you can precisely dial in the temperature control . I like how you can measure the temperature at several points. Inside the blanket, the surface of the blanket or the temp of the product. Beacon even has an IOT connected controller than you can control and monitor remotely. These blankets are pretty easy to handle. They not only heat but also insulate so they have some thickness to them. However they are still relatively lightweight for their size. They are somewhat rigid and that makes them easier to handle. It is kind of like working with lightweight workout mats. Unlike some other materials they remain flexible in very cold environments. Even the cords remain flexible down to colder temperatures. Made in the USA. Yep. Designed, engineered and manufactured right here at home. ETL and UL/CAS listed. They have an average lifespan of constant use in around the 4-6 year timeframe. 1 Year Warranty. This concrete curing 3' x 4' heated area mat covers 12 sq ft using 240W with a nominal Amperage of 2A. It weighs about 10 lbs. which is heavy enough to stay in place even in a windy environment. The vinyl covering is alkaline resistant and washes clean. You can get these in 3x4, 3x10, 3x20, 5x10, 5x20 and 10x10 stock sizes as well as custom ordered sizes."
  5. Handyman / Residential Use My handyman was able to redo my driveway and parts of my patio *in the winter* using this concrete blanket. He did the demolition and the framing in sections, which was totally fine with me. It was great to be able to make progress on a project that otherwise would not have been possible!
  6. Nice dependable even heating Comes in a plastic like exterior blanket, which repels water with ease. It is able to be placed on the ground to keep pipes warm that run under the foundation of a home, or it can be wrapped around something you want to keep warm, like farm water troughs. I t does heat concrete pads too, and as far as I could tell it does so evenly. I know it heated the concrete I poured to hold some poles in very well and the did cure faster.
  7. Multi Purpose Heat Blanket Has You Covered "This is a great product! it has ""saved the day"" for me by helping to free my house from winters icy grip. We have had a strange winter up here in the N.E. the snow storms mostly ended up leaving icy snow/slush which would freeze into thick ice shortly thereafter …. end result = BIG problems for everyone woo hoo! lol Anyways - the Powerblanket is very well made & waterproof...but be careful not to accidently puncture or cut into the blanket as that could result in a shocking experience. The blanket's instructions are attached to the power cord :) what a great idea, no way to lose those instructions! I have been using this to thaw/melt ice dams & snow all around the house.... it is really nice to have an effective & easy way to deal with this ice as it has done damage to the house before & will do so again if not dealt with. The blanket is alot lighter than I expected.... so it is very easy to deploy, use & fold up & put away.... I just keep it in the box it came in as it is a perfect fit & keeps it folded up & easy to store. This blanket has the potential to be handy for uses that I cannot now foresee.... IMO this is something that can likely serve everyone well in some way at some time.... you just never know til your in a jam, an ice jam that is.... & it is probably pretty good at drying concrete too! :) As I see it this heated powerblanket is a 5 star product that is worthy of a Quality Product Recommendation - *****"
  8. It works This curing blanket works as described
  9. heavy duty, works well I bought this at the tail end of the warm season. I was laying outdoor tile. The weather overnight and for the next few days was going to be below 40 degrees, which was the lower limit to the cure temperature for the grout I was using. I put this on for a few days. It worked very well. It's heavy enough not to get blown away by a normal wind.I checked the substrate temperature during the time it was there and it was pretty close to the spec'd 100 degrees. Well made and durable.

Why Choose Powerblanket Concrete Curing Blankets?

Powerblanket Concrete Curing Blankets provide a manageable way to cure concrete effectively and confidently in the cold weather months. Even in warm weather, Powerblanket Curing Blankets increase production by rapidly curing with consistent, even heat. Year-round applications include: precast, concrete countertops and decorative concrete.

Why Choose Powerblanket Concrete Curing Blankets?

* Quickly heats to a preset 100 degrees Fahrenheit / 38 degrees Celsius (± 10 degrees F / 3 degrees C).

* Provide cold weather concreting strength of 3,925 in 72 hours.

* Cures concrete 2.8 times faster than conventional blankets.

* Reduce downtime and increase profitability.

* Prevent a freeze cycle.

Why Choose Powerblanket Concrete Curing Blankets?

* Maintain moisture throughout hydrating process

* Thaw ground and frost from job site prior to pour

* Maintain ACI compliance for cold weather concreting

* Easily installed and removed

* Certified to UL/CSA/CE standards

Curing In-Place Concrete

What is Curing?

Curing is the maintaining of an adequate moisture content and temperature in concrete at early ages so that it can develop properties the mixture was designed to achieve. Curing begins immediately after placement and finishing so that the concrete may develop the desired strength and durability.


Temperature is an important factor in proper curing since the rate of hydration and therefore, strength development is faster at a higher temperatures. Generally, concrete temperatures should be maintained above 50 degree Fahrenheit (10 degree Celsius) for an adequate rate of strength development. Further a uniform temperature should be maintained through the concrete section while it is gaining strength to avoid thermal cracking.

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