The Powerblanket 36”x48"x48" Bulk Material Warmer Bee Blanket is a heating solution specific to the honey industry. Working with honey effectively is a matter of maintaining the proper viscosity without burning the honey or cooking out valuable nutrients. The difference with this Powerblanket heating solution is that it maintains the same natural temperature as a beehive. With our low-level internal thermostats, you don’t have to worry about heating your honey. The Powerblanket Bee Blanket keeps your honey at hive temperatures so that it won’t lose nutrients or burn.

The patented design of Powerblanket’s 36"x48"x48" Bulk Material Warmer Bee Blanket eliminates hot and cold spots by applying uniform full-coverage heat across the entire surface of the container, allowing users to keep their materials at the proper viscosity while remaining at specified thermal levels. Each Bee Blanket can be equipped with either an adjustable or a fixed thermostat.

Bee Blankets come in two voltages: 120 volts and 240 volts. All of our 36"x48"x48" Bulk Material Warmer Bee Blankets come as an insulated full-wrap design with cinch straps to secure a tight fit. They’re also water-resistant and can be used on poly and steel buckets. All Powerblanket products are ETL certified to UL, CSA, and CE safety standards.

  • Cinch straps to secure tight fit
  • One uniform heat zone
  • The highly efficient design saves time and energy
  • Water-resistant and weatherproof 
  • Works on both poly and steel buckets and pails
  • Prevent overheating your honey and help minimize crystallization
  • Keeps your honey at hive temperatures so you don’t lose nutrients
  • All models are certified by ETL to UL & CSA safety standards
  • Blanket temperature maintains 90°-110°F on (BB05, BB05-240V, BB05GV, BB55, BB55-240V models)
  • Blanket temperature maintains ambient up to a max temp of 145°F on (BB05pro, BB55pro models)
  • These Honey Heating Blankets by Powerblanket are the new gold standard in heating your honey to the perfect temperatures for your specific honey process or application.
Model # Temperature Control Heated Dimensions Finished Dimensions Heated Area Plug Type AC Voltage Nominal Power Nominal Amperage Approximate Weight/Mass
BBHB48-800 Internal Preset 100º F / 38º C (± 10º F/5º C) 36" L x 48" W x 48" H 36" L x 48" W x 48" H 48 cubic feet Nema 5-15 amp plug 120V 800 watts 6.67 amps 40 lbs

The Insulated Honey Warming Bee Blanket Pro Model

The Powerblanket Bee Blanket heating solution will maintain the same temperature as a hive. With low-level internal thermostats, you can apply the Bee Blanket and leave it be. There’s no need to worry about overheating your honey because the Bee Blanket will never get too hot. The Pro models include an adjustable thermostat controller allowing you to regulate the temperature of the bucket heating blanket from an ambient temperature, up to a max temperature of approximately 150 °F.

It is an easy-to-install heating solution for honey producers and bottlers. With this insulated vinyl heat blanket, you can heat your honey to the ideal temperature and maintain the viscosity required for bottling and managing honey stores.

Thermal Image of Drum Heating Bee Blanket

– One uniform heat zone provides even heat distribution.

– Blanket temperature goes from ambient up to a max temperature of 150 °F using an adjustable thermostat controller.

– Works on both poly and steel buckets, pails, barrels and drums.

Warm Honey Flows Best

– Prevent overheating your honey and help minimize crystallization.

– Using a Bee Blanket will keep your honey at hive temperatures so you don’t lose nutrients.

– Cinch straps on the Bee Blanket to secure a tight fit around your 5-gallon bucket.

Safety Matters to Us, and It Should to You Too

– All Bee Blanket models are certified by ETL to UL, CSA, CE safety standards.*

– All Bee Blanket models are water resistant and safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

– Highly efficient design saves time, energy and money.

* ATM for Report: 100408176PRT-001 and ATM Issued: 7-Mar-2013.

*UL Issue:2005/11/17*. **CSA standards Issued:2003/04/01**




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