Powerblanket 100-pound tank gas cylinder heaters optimize container pressure and increase cylinder efficiency. Powerblanket products provide a maintenance-free heating solution, which eliminates the headache of maintaining critical temperatures. By using Powerblanket gas cylinder heaters, gas cylinders will last longer and be more effective. This saves time, hassle, and money.

Cold weather can wreak havoc on gas cylinders. When the temperature drops, it’s very difficult to maintain optimal pressure in a gas cylinder. This prevents the gas from vaporizing which in turn makes your gas cylinders unusable. Powerblanket offers a solution with gas cylinder heaters for controlling temperatures of propane, butane, nitrogen, oxygen and other compressed gases. These heaters provide a uniform barrier of heat across the entire cylinder with the help of a fixed internal thermostat.  Powerblanket 100-pound tank gas cylinder heaters come in three different thermal rating classes: 
  • Powerblanket Lite - designed for light residential and industrial applications, low power density
  • Powerblanket - designed for any definitive heating applications, surrounded by a rugged vinyl shell, safe to use in temperatures as low as -20 F
  • Powerblanket Xtreme - designed for harsh climates, safe to use in temperatures as low as -40 F

All of our tank gas cylinder heaters come as an insulated full-wrap design with cinch straps to secure a tight fit. They’re also water-resistant and can be used on poly and steel drums. All Powerblanket products are ETL certified to UL, CSA, and CE safety standards.

  • Quickly heats cylinder to a preset 90º F / 32º C (± 10º F/5º C)
  • Provide an insulated full-wrap design
  • Increase flow rate performance and efficiency of gas cylinders
  • Saves money by optimizing gas and material usage<
  • Eliminate unnecessary cylinder refills in cold weather
  • Certified to by ETL to UL & CSA safety standards
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Product Class & Model # powerblanket
MAXIMUM VINYL EXPOSURE TEMP 180º F / 80º C 220º F / 105º C 180º F / 80º C
MINIMUM VINYL EXPOSURE TEMP -15º F / -20º C -58º F / -50º C -15º F / -20º C
Fits container size 100 lb Tank 100 lb Tank Gas Cylinder Heaters (Propane)
Container dimensions 15.1” D x 48” H / 38 cm D x 122 cm H 15.1” D x 48” H / 38 cm D x 122 cm H 14.5" D x 48" H / 37 cm D x 122 cm H
Thermostat type Internal Preset Internal Preset Internal Preset
Approximate product temperature 90º F (± 10º F) / 32ºC (± 5º C) 90º F (± 10º F) / 32ºC (± 5º C) 90° ± (10° F) / 32°C (± 5° C)
Heated Dimensions 52" L x 50" H 52" L x 50" H 55" L x 21" H
Heated Area 18.06 sq ft 18.06 sq ft 8.02 sq ft
Finished Dimensions 52" L x 50" H 52" L x 50" H 55" L x 21" H
Voltage 120V 120V 120V
Wattage 560W 560W 280W
Amperage 4.67A 4.67A 2.33A
Plug type 15 AMP Plug 15 AMP Plug 15 AMP Plug
Approximate weight 12 lbs / 5.5 kg 12 lbs / 5.5 kg 4 lbs / 2 kg


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  1. This heater keeps the propane flowing “Powerblankets are a great way to heat precisely what you need to heat without worry of uneven, intermittent, overheating or inefficient power use. I find them to be job site tough, durable and field repairable with the Vinyl repair kit utilizing the HH-66 glue. They are heavy duty and can take a lot of abuse. The machine sewn stitching is very heavy duty. The belts, clasps and reinforcing are securely attached to the blankets. They can take a lot of use. The thing I notice the most is how even the heat is across the entire mat. Whatever you wrap or cover with it you can count on an even heat spread. If you add a temperature controller like the Beacon controllers with which Powerblankets has teamed up with, you can precisely dial in the temperature control . I like how you can measure the temperature at several points. Inside the blanket, the surface of the blanket or the temp of the product.”
  2. Works very well It is a bit pricey but you get what you pay for, and in this case, it is crucial to construction. My uncle used this during the brutal snaps over the last couple of months and he had no problems in his garage. It is also worth having because the weather can be schizophrenic like it is tonight and temperatures have dropped again to the low 40s in the middle of May. Because it is small, it is also easy to store. A very good investment for your hard work that pays off.
  3. Works like it said This blanket is worth the money and will pay for itself this winter. It keeps my 100 # bottle very warm and I do get full use of the tank. With out this heater I would only get about 25% use before the temp made the propane useless. If you are not aware when propane gets cold it losses pressure as it turns to a liquid. So its key to keep you propane warm so you get use of all the liquid in the tank. I live in South Dakota and as you know its a bit chilly there in the winter. We already saw 3 degrees with windchill to -3. This blanket worked well in this temp. If you need one get this one its worth the expense.
  4. Five stars, works as expected Five stars, works as expected
  5. Worked for us “Best cozy blanket to help us keep our 100lb tanks toasty warm through -35*C, to keep us warm. Best tank warmer to help use 98% of the tank.”
  6. Performs as expected I use it on 100 lb bottle and it so far has kept the tank adequately heating. My only measure though is when the tank runs empty at -30 and when i fill it up it takes over 85 liters which is max
  7. Problem solved! Warmth, thickness and value for the money? It doesn’t typically doesn’t fall below freezing here, but when it gets close our propane quit heating. I can’t move the tank inside for safety concerns. This blanket solves my problems.
  8. Well made and easy to apply. “Allows you to get the last bit of propane from the cylinder in the cold weather.“
  9. Great product Does as advertised keeps propane from freezing up
  10. Almost a must have for outdoor propane tanks I use this on my 100lb propane tank that sits outside behind my garage. Does it make my propane heat more efficient? Maybe a little, but it does help it burn more efficiently especially when the tank gets low on propane. It does have a thermostat so you can plug it in and leave it on.
  11. Heats my 100lb gas tank very well I run a food truck in Calgary, my propane tanks “100 lbs” freeze up when it gets below zero. I operate in the summer only and, I do a couple of event late fall, so Im hoping this will solve my problem. Only tested it so fare, first event coming up soon. will send a new review if it does not solve my problem.
  12. Works ok I put it on 100 lb propane bottle, temp to -35 and it seemed to work as well as the magnetic 150 watt heater stuck on the side of another bottle
  13. Good heater Works great for keeping my 100lb gas tank warm in the freezing cold winter months
  14. WORKS! Works as advertised,I was able to run my generator, in 20 degree weather!
  15. Keeps the gas flowing without losing pressure! I didn’t use these blankets until this winter 2017/2018 – I’m so glad I have them – they kept my tank from getting any frost on them – thereby keeping the tank warm enough to keep it steady without losing any pressure. I’ve used both of them, several times already – great investment for my food truck business.
  16. Buy this if you live in cold climates. It works GREAT! This item is AWESOME! I’ve had 6 feet of snow drift around it and it keeps a nice hole melted at least two feet radius from the tank. Even in sub zero temps it still works like a champ. Plus I’m saving money by buying my propane in freezing temps and then heating it up because propane expands when it’s heated. Saved me lots of money this winter!
  17. Great When it’s Cold Outside. We use propane cylinders for pest exterminating jobs and we learned the hard way, that when the temperature is low, the efficiency of the tanks decrease considerably. These keep the tanks warm maximizing propane output. Highly recommended.
  18. Get more efficient use out of your propane tanks in cold climates Works great in sub 30 degree temps to really get all the extra fuel out of your tanks! I used to only get down to maybe the last 8-10″ of the tank in cold weather before the furnace would not fire. Upon installing the blanket I am able to get down to maybe 3-4″ before the same thing happens, this product will pay for itself over the lifetime of its use.

On those occasions when you don’t need all the extra strength and durability, however, there’s no use paying for more than you need, right? That’s why we created our Lite line. For those jobs that don’t necessitate the most robust and sturdy application possible, the Powerblanket Lite line is the best answer.

Cover Your Assets with a Powerblanket Lite Heating Solutions

Powerblanket Lite line is designed for heating jobs on a smaller scale. These models feature a lower power density than Powerblanket Industrial or Powerblanket Xtreme products. Rest assured that these heaters are the real deal! Keep your drums, barrels, buckets, pails and gas cylinder propane tanks warm in bitter climates so that you don’t lose any production time, saving you both time and money.

We live in Quebec Canada. We have winter that usually goes to -20F and we have seen -35F . So since we are using only propane for heating and did not know that below -42 the propane does not evaporate anymore. we decided to buy a Powerblanket for our 420lb tank in 2018 just to be safe. Last year (2018-2019) we had a very long and cold winter. We had a contract (2018-2019) for propane that was $130 per month for 12 months based on our 2017 usage We did have a very cold winter that did reach quite a few -30 to -36. We renew our contract in august and to our surprise, the contract for 2019-2020 is now $75 per month for 12 months based on the 2018 usage. Colder winter with less usage. We did not expected to be that good, but it is. 

~Yves Lemaire

Satisfied Customer

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