Powerblanket 20-pound tank gas cylinder heaters optimize container pressure and increase cylinder efficiency. Powerblanket products provide a maintenance-free heating solution, which eliminates the headache of maintaining critical temperatures. By using Powerblanket gas cylinder heaters, gas cylinders will last longer and be more effective. This saves time, hassle, and money.

Cold weather can wreak havoc on gas cylinders. When the temperature drops, it’s very difficult to maintain optimal pressure in a gas cylinder. This prevents the gas from vaporizing which in turn makes your gas cylinders unusable. Powerblanket offers a solution with gas cylinder heaters for controlling temperatures of propane, butane, nitrogen, oxygen and other compressed gases. These heaters provide a uniform barrier of heat across the entire cylinder with the help of a fixed internal thermostat.  Powerblanket 20-pound tank gas cylinder heaters come in three different thermal rating classes: 
  • Powerblanket Lite - designed for light residential and industrial applications, low power density
  • Powerblanket - designed for any definitive heating applications, surrounded by a rugged vinyl shell, safe to use in temperatures as low as -20 F
  • Powerblanket Xtreme - designed for harsh climates, safe to use in temperatures as low as -40 F

All of our tank gas cylinder heaters come as an insulated full-wrap design with cinch straps to secure a tight fit. They’re also water-resistant and can be used on poly and steel drums. All Powerblanket products are ETL certified to UL, CSA, and CE safety standards.

  • Quickly heats cylinder to a preset 90º F / 32º C (± 10º F/5º C)
  • Provide an insulated full-wrap design
  • Increase flow rate performance and efficiency of gas cylinders
  • Saves money by optimizing gas and material usage<
  • Eliminate unnecessary cylinder refills in cold weather
  • Certified to by ETL to UL & CSA safety standards
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Product Class & Model # powerblanket
MAXIMUM VINYL EXPOSURE TEMP 180º F / 80º C 220º F / 105º C 180º F / 80º C
MINIMUM VINYL EXPOSURE TEMP -15º F / -20º C -58º F / -50º C -15º F / -20º C
Fits container size 20 lb Tank 20 lb Tank 20 lb Tank
Container dimensions 12.2” D x 18” H / 31 cm D x 46 cm H 12.2” D x 18” H / 31 cm D x 46 cm H 12.5” D x 18” H / 32 cm D x 46 cm H
Thermostat type Internal Preset Internal Preset Internal Preset
Approximate product temperature 90º F (± 10º F) / 32ºC (± 5º C) 90º F (± 10º F) / 32ºC (± 5º C) 90° ± (10° F) / 32°C (± 5° C)
Heated Dimensions 45" L x 20" H 45" L x 20" H 46" L x 11.25" H
Heated Area 6.25 sq ft 6.25 sq ft 3.59 sq ft
Finished Dimensions 45" L x 20" H 45" L x 20" H 46" L x 11.25" H
Voltage 120V 120V 120V
Wattage 120W 120W 120W
Amperage 1.00A 1.00A 1.00A
Plug type 15 AMP Plug 15 AMP Plug 15 AMP Plug
Approximate weight 4 lbs / 2 kg 4 lbs / 2 kg 4 lbs / 2 kg


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  1. Great for cold weather grilling As temperatures in Maine drop lower and lower at night, we decided to test this out on our propane tank so we can grill just about any time of the year when we visit the lake house. It isn’t cold enough to use consistently YET, but it works perfectly and is the best way to safely store and care for your gas. We love it!
  2. Keeps Gas Pressures Constant in Cold Weather “Powerblankets are a great way to heat precisely what you need to heat without worry of uneven, intermittent, overheating or inefficient power use. I find them to be job site tough, durable and field repairable with the Vinyl repair kit utilizing the HH-66 glue. They are heavy duty and can take a lot of abuse. The machine sewn stitching is very heavy duty. The belts, clasps and reinforcing are securely attached to the blankets. They can take a lot of use. The thing I notice the most is how even the heat is across the entire mat. Whatever you wrap or cover with it you can count on an even heat spread. If you add a temperature controller like the Beacon controllers with which Powerblankets has teamed up with, you can precisely dial in the temperature control . I like how you can measure the temperature at several points. Inside the blanket, the surface of the blanket or the temp of the product. “
  3. They do what they are designed to do These tank heaters work. They are a little on the expensive side, but they help you get every last drop of LP out of your tank when it’s cold outside
  4. These have made me so much money I used these for my food truck 40# tanks and they keep my tanks from icing. Nothing worse then dealing with propane issues during a busy dinner rush.
  5. Does the job. Helps maintain good tank pressure, even in 10 degree weather Excellent product IMO. We use this in an RV to heat a 20 pound cylinder. Tank pressure (per one of those cheap gauges that you screw into the tank outlet) would register into the “yellow” area, indicating tank pressure was low. After adding this blanket, pressure would bounce back into the “green” zone, just like a full tank on a hot day. I know. Those gauges don’t get a lot of respect, but it’s what I have, so I’m passing along the information. On a cold night without the blanket and a partially empty tank, it’s likely that our RV furnace would have been starved for fuel after running for awhile, so it would probably have shut off before the RV got warm even though there was propane in the tank. This blanket keeps the liquid warm enough to continue producing good pressure down to the end of the tank. I’ve used it now through several months of the coldest parts of the winter, and have not had any issues with the blanket or with keeping the tank warm. Very happy.
  6. Good product, works well Good product, works well
  7. Good product, works pretty well Good product, works pretty well
  8. No more freeze 40lb propane would freeze this blanket stopped that my heater works even in cold freezing temps
  9. IT WORKS GREAT! I use this product as a companion to a Mr. Heater propane space heater. What attracted me to this product was, small propane tanks losing efficiency in extreme temperatures. Last winter, we had several episodes where the tank would freeze up, the regulator would seize, and our only choice was to bring the tank inside to warm it up so that we could use our Mr. Heater heater. We’ve had this thing since mid November. Last night was the first MAJOR test, with 13 degree weather. It worked flawlessly. The blanket doesn’t get so hot that you get scared to use it. It just provides passive steady heat- just enough to keep your tank unfrozen. The price was also a major attraction. Typically these blankets cost hundreds of dollars more. Would Recommend. Also, we bought a heavy duty extension cord to use this thing, but it turned out to be unneeded. The cord is quite long.
  10. “Fits my 30 pound gas bottle perfectly and works well” “Fits my 30 pound gas bottle perfectly and works well”
  11. I can use my propane water heater on cold mornings now! The power blanket is a life saver. I can now take showers in the morning on cold winter mornings. I always ran into the problem where the tank would be to cold until around 9 am when the sun could warm the tank to somewhere above 40 degrees F or 4.5 degrees C. Thanks Powerblanket!
  12. A Must Have for the Winter What a difference having this tank warmer makes on propane consumption. Wish I had this years ago. Great product that works well.
  13. Solved my cold weather low pressure problem Works well. If outside temp gets cold enough u may need to wrap the tank and blanket in something insulated especially if you’re using a 40# tank.
  14. Ok Seems to work ok
  15. Works great Works great
  16. Works as advertised. Works as advertised.
  17. Great for winter griddling 4 stars because the color doesn’t match the gray. I liked the look of one pictured in the product info. I’m going with function over returning because of black instead of gray. It works great to keep my tank warm so I can cook on my Blackstone in cold weather.
  19. Kept the propane flowing. I fulltime in my RV in Colorado. I had been wrapping my tanks in towels with those one time use body warmers to keep the propane flowing on cold nights. This was simple to use and kept the furnace running on subzero nights. I used it for most of the season with no problem. I’m a happy camper.
  20. Works as expected for bbq in winter Keeps my bbq running in the winter. Prior to owning this warmer my bbq produced too little heat on cold days to use.
  21. This blanket needs time to wam up but works great once it reaches temperature. If you live where the temperatures plummet below zero this blanket is a must. If you own a propane fitted appliance and you’re wondering why it’s not reaching g the proper temperature well the pressure drops in the tank do to the cold. By placing the warming blanket on the propane tank has resolved my heat issues. Having said all of my findings, one of the my observations is that you need to give the blanket some time to heat up the tank before you see results.
  22. Easy to use, zero issues. Easy to use, zero issues. Works just as I hoped!
  23. No more filling half full tanks No more filling half full tanks
  24. More Bacon Per Gallon If you do any grilling in the winter this is a must. It keep the pressure up so you get more cooking out of a tank.
  25. Propane tank blanket Worked as expected….great price in comparison to other propane tank blankets
  26. Solid Product! It fits around my tank perfectly under my bbq and keeps it a steady 30 degrees Celsius. Solid quality and does what it is suppose to. What more can you ask for.
  27. Great for campers Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. We bought this for our 100lb bottle that we have for our camper. It’s been an absolute lifesaver during the winter months while we’re traveling.
  28. Good product Good product
  29. Works great for camping in cold weather This blanket is a life saver in extremely cold weather while I camp on the lake in sub zero temperatures
  30. Works great but give it time. This works as described but you have to allow about an hour of warm up time before you begin to use the propane tank otherwise it will freeze up. I’ve used it successfully using this method.
  31. Glad I bought it Keeps the lp from losing its pressure. Works well in cold temps.
  32. Works like a champ! Worked as promised, it truly is as advertised. Solid purchas and youll be glad you did. No noticable change to my electric bill. Highly recommended!
  33. No more frozen propane valves! Winter of 2018-19 my propane bottle valves on my 5th wheel froze up numerous times when the outside temp was 5 degrees or colder. When that happened the heaters would not work and the water would freeze. These are expensive but they work like a champ. My propane compartment is nice and warm and the bottles no longer have a 1/4″ of frost on them.
  34. A must if you use propane in the bitter cold! Easy to put on. Nice long cord on it. And really helped with my propane usage. The closer to -40°F you get, the harder it is to empty out a tank and eventually your furnace starts struggling. This blanket totally eliminated all of that. It’s almost like running your furnace in the fall. I can’t believe how much longer a tank is lasting me. Note: I know I’m not using less propane. But I am using it more efficiently and finally able to empty a tank. It’s truly a must have if you RV in the winter!
  35. So far so good Bought as gift. Hoping it does the trick stopping a propane tank on a fish house from freezing up on very cold days.
  36. Expensive gas propane tank warmer but worh it Expensive gas propane tank warmer but worh it
  37. Totally worth the $$ November of 2019 with these we used a lot less propane then November of 2018. These will pay for themselves in only a couple of years.
  38. It Works, Period! This is a simple solution for a cold propane tank. It gently keeps the tank warm enough to function. It is takes literally minutes to install. Love this product.
  39. Muy bien Muy bien
  40. They work just the way we wanted them to. Works perfectly on our programme tanks (we live with below 0° and propane tanks don’t work as well. The power blanket works perfectly and our tanks are working great.
  41. Esential for propane use in winter I heat my rv during the winter, I was having a heck of a time with it, I would get woken up by the sound of my propane system struggling to get at the frozen propane. Threw this thing on there and my problems were solved instantly! (Or after the few minutes it takes to heat up) I’ve really abused this thing, had it out in the rain and the snow for a few years and it’s been holding up great and keeping my propane working at maximum capacity. 5/5 would buy again.
  42. Easy to install “The other day I replace my Tank and it was completely empty it works to keep the cylinder warm so in cold weather you get all the gas out of your cylinder”
  43. It does the job it does what i expected it to do, let’s see how long it lasts
  44. Helps keep the tank from freezing Helps keep the tank from freezing
  45. Get full use of your propane gas by keeping tanks warm. I purchased a power blanket for my 30# propane tanks two years ago. I have upsized my tanks to 40# and 60# tanks. This heater has been in use on ally talnk with no problems.i cut my propane bill by almost 1/3 due to not having to fill tanks so often. Now I am considering upgrading the power blanket to a larger size to cover more of my 60# tank. If you use propane in colder climates, I would recommend these blankets..
  46. Works in cold temps. Does what it says. Kept the regulator from turning off the propane.
  47. Problem Solved Used the tank heater on our outdoor fire pit. Solved the issue of the tank freezing and causing the fire to dwindle. The tank lasts a lot longer now and no more pressure loss issues
  48. Keep your propane tanks warm I learned how important it is to have your propane warm. I thought my heater was starting to break down when I learned that having cold tanks does affect heat outlput significantly.
  49. Now I can grill in the winter “I love this thing. I have a gas grill on my covered patio . I like to grill year around but when the temperature is in the 30’s the pressure in the tank drops way off & grilling is almost impossible. With this heater plugged in a few hours ahead of time I have lots of pressure in my tank and grilling is a snap. I will be grilling New York steaks for Christmas dinner. Wish I had purchased this heater years ago. If you want to grill in the winter buy one now.”
  50. Good Product Arrived nice and fast. It does a good job of warming up the tank but doesn’t quite get it warm enough to give the amazing grilling as you get in the summer. It’s 0°C out and it has warmed up the tank nicely
  51. It works!! Excellent!!!!…. we use propane to heat our shop while butchering ….. propane blanket really helped keep tanks warm
  52. Winter grilling conquered Now I can bbq at -35c without worrying that the propane freezing up. The beer is another matter…
  53. Five stars, great gas bottle warmer Five stars, great gas bottle warmer
  54. This gas tank heater helps keep my shop warm in the winter I frequently let my shop get cold. Keeping the tank warm helps the heater fire better immediately.
  55. Note that this is for the propane tank heater not a bucket heater Note that this is for the propane tank heater not a bucket heater. When I bought this I saw mixed reviews, but I think it’s because the other options listed in this product were completely different blankets. My propane tank hear blanket is doing the job quite well, even is this record breaking sub zero temps we have had this 2017/2018 winter in Indiana.
  56. Awesome product !!!!! Shipping was sooner than expected. Item works fantastic. Very happy with results. No more freezing tanks at -25°c. Would definitely purchase it again and recommend it.
  57. Good product, solid 4 stars. Good product, solid 4 stars.
  58. “Best investment ever!” This fixed my propane issue on my camper. Best investment ever!
  59. We applied this blanket and our Weber grill sings again! We live in Minnesota and could not get our Weber grill hot enough to make the steaks sizzle in the winter. We applied this blanket and our Weber grill sings again!
  60. Works great in below freezing temps Works great! We live where the temp gets to 9 degrees in the winter which made grilling near impossible. However, with this blanket we now can grill just fine!
  61. It works great, the blanket is cool to the touch but … “I was hesitant to purchase at first due to the mixed reviews. I went ahead and ordered it, when I received it I was surprised to see the longer power cord 8 feet long(guessing). Some how it escaped the production line with out any buckles on the securing straps. They are 1 inch nylon straps, so a quick trip to a sporting goods store fixed that. It works great, the blanket is cool to the touch but the top of the tank is nice and warm. I still gave it 5 stars even with the missing buckles due to the fact customer service was quick to respond and offer a replacement. I opted out because I knew it was an easy fix that only cost a buck.”

On those occasions when you don’t need all the extra strength and durability, however, there’s no use paying for more than you need, right? That’s why we created our Lite line. For those jobs that don’t necessitate the most robust and sturdy application possible, the Powerblanket Lite line is the best answer.

Cover Your Assets with a Powerblanket Lite Heating Solutions

Powerblanket Lite line is designed for heating jobs on a smaller scale. These models feature a lower power density than Powerblanket Industrial or Powerblanket Xtreme products. Rest assured that these heaters are the real deal! Keep your drums, barrels, buckets, pails and gas cylinder propane tanks warm in bitter climates so that you don’t lose any production time, saving you both time and money.

We live in Quebec Canada. We have winter that usually goes to -20F and we have seen -35F . So since we are using only propane for heating and did not know that below -42 the propane does not evaporate anymore. we decided to buy a Powerblanket for our 420lb tank in 2018 just to be safe. Last year (2018-2019) we had a very long and cold winter. We had a contract (2018-2019) for propane that was $130 per month for 12 months based on our 2017 usage We did have a very cold winter that did reach quite a few -30 to -36. We renew our contract in august and to our surprise, the contract for 2019-2020 is now $75 per month for 12 months based on the 2018 usage. Colder winter with less usage. We did not expected to be that good, but it is. 

~Yves Lemaire

Satisfied Customer

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