The Powerblanket 5-gallon Gate Value Bee Blanket is a heating solution specific to the honey industry. Working with honey effectively is a matter of maintaining the proper viscosity without burning the honey or cooking out valuable nutrients. The difference with this Powerblanket heating solution is that it maintains the same natural temperature as a beehive. With our low-level internal thermostats, you don’t have to worry about heating your honey. The Powerblanket Bee Blanket keeps your honey at hive temperatures so that it won’t lose nutrients or burn.

The patented design of Powerblanket’s 5-gallon Bee Blanket eliminates hot and cold spots by applying uniform full-coverage heat across the entire surface of the container, allowing users to keep their materials at the proper viscosity while remaining at specified thermal levels. Each Bee Blanket can be equipped with either an adjustable or a fixed thermostat.

Bee Blankets come in two voltages: 120 volts and 240 volts. All of our 5-gallon Bee Blankets come as an insulated full-wrap design with cinch straps to secure a tight fit. They’re also water-resistant and can be used on poly and steel buckets. All Powerblanket products are ETL certified to UL, CSA, and CE safety standards.

  • Cinch straps to secure tight fit
  • One uniform heat zone
  • The highly efficient design saves time and energy
  • Water-resistant and weatherproof 
  • Works on both poly and steel buckets and pails
  • Prevent overheating your honey and help minimize crystallization
  • Keeps your honey at hive temperatures so you don’t lose nutrients
  • All models are certified by ETL to UL & CSA safety standards
  • Blanket temperature maintains 90°-110°F on (BB05, BB05-240V, BB05GV, BB55, BB55-240V models)
  • Blanket temperature maintains ambient up to a max temp of 145°F on (BB05pro, BB55pro models)
  • These Honey Heating Blankets by Powerblanket are the new gold standard in heating your honey to the perfect temperatures for your specific honey process or application.
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Fits container size 5 Gallon / 19 L 5 Gallon / 19 L 5 Gallon / 19 L 5 Gallon / 19 L
Container dimensions 11.8”D x 15.6”H 11.8”D x 15.6”H 11.8”D x 15.6”H 11.8”D x 15.6”H
Thermostat type Internal Preset Internal Preset Internal Preset Programmable Digital Controller
Approximate product temperature 100º F (± 10º F) / 38º C (± 5º C) 100º F (± 10º F) / 38º C (± 5º C) 100º F (± 10º F) / 38º C (± 5º C) up to 145º F (± 5º F) / 63º C (± 3º C)
Heated Dimensions 41.8" L x 10.5" W 41.8" L x 10.5" W 41.8" L x 10.5" W 41.8 " L x 10.5" W
Heated Area 3.05 sq ft 3.05 sq ft 3.05 sq ft 3.05 sq ft
Finished Dimensions 41.8" L x 10.5" W 41.8" L x 10.5" W 41.8" L x 10.5" W 41.8" L x 10.5" W
Voltage 120V 120V 240V 120V
Wattage 120W 120W 120W 120W
Amperage 1A 1A 0.5A 1A
Plug type 15 AMP Plug 15 AMP Plug 15 AMP Plug 15 AMP Plug
Approximate weight 4 lbs / 2 kg 4 lbs / 2 kg 4 lbs / 2 kg 4 lbs / 2 kg


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  1. A must have for any sideline Beekeeper. A must have for any sideline Beekeeper.
  2. Very slow warming up honey This may be OK if you do not mind waiting 24 hours or so to warm up your honey. This is only 120 watts.
  3. Wrong Voltage Ordered the 240v model, I received the 120v model.
  4. Great for liquefying crystalized honey, very impressive!!! Great for liquefying crystalized honey, very impressive!!!
  5. Surprised Put it on a solid crystallized 5 gal. Pail on a Sunday afternoon and by Wednesday morning was 90% liquefied at a temperature of 100 F. My only recommendation would be to have another closure strap near the bottom but velcro solved that easily. Great product.
  6. Wish I would’ve bought this sooner! I was skeptical when I purchased this because some of the reviews said it would not melt crystallize honey. I had two buckets that were pretty hard but not completely solid and it melted both of them within a few days. I restrain both buckets to make sure I got any large particles out and had maybe a 1/2 pint of thick sugar that the strainer caught. Glad I took the chance!
  7. Perfect for honey buckets Perfect for honey buckets. We use this to keep honey liquefied in 5 gal buckets. The cut out for the honey gate works great and the blanket warms the honey at a very mild temp so the honey is not cooked.
  8. Honey bucket They should make the blanket so i goes on the bottom of the bucket also.
  9. Perfect for crystallized honey Working well so far. One 5 gallon bucket cleared up.
  10. Works perfectly! Works perfectly for saefly warming my crystallized honey
  11. You need a little patience but it works You need a little patience it takes a couple of days and stir once to get crystallized honey all melted.
  12. Takes awhile Took 4 days to get to a point I can poor so plan for that.
  13. Great. Longer cord than previous model Great improvement with longer cord but same xlnt quality as prior model. I'm still using older version going on 3 years.
  14. Must have honey heater Can't believe I didn't get this before, won't be without one again.
  15. Quality 5 gallon bucket heater Blanket could have been about 6 inches longer for my use.
  16. Works great, I bought another one Our needs increased so we bought another of the same brand
  17. Works great for my purpose. Did just whatI I expected it to do. My honey was not crystalized but cold and thick. This blanket warmed up my honey so I could filter and bottle it.
  18. Everything went great Everything went great
  19. A Great Product We are very happy with this product to warm our honey buckets. We are a small family business and I ordered this product despite the hesitation of my husband and son. They are very impressed with the warmth and the fact all of it is directed to the bucket and not escaping to the air. If we grow our business we will order more! I am thrilled for less sticky mess!
  20. Great, Melted the honey to perfection! Great, Melted the honey to perfection!
  21. Works like a charm! Plugged it in and it works! as advertised!
  22. Best and most reliable honey warmer for your crystallized raw honey. Terrific product! It has a controlled temperature that does not allow the honey to overheat, thereby destroying the nutrients that people love about raw honey. The higher the glucose density, the faster raw honey will crystallize, and all my honey was solid by Thanksgiving. My 4 gallon bucket was liquified in about 36 hours. Beautiful and effortless.
  23. Takes a long time to fully liquefy crystallized honey bucket This will warm and thin partiality liquid honey really well. If the honey is completely crystallized, it will not completely liquify it, even after several days.
  24. Works fine, worth the money Works fine, worth the money
  25. Wish it got warmer Doesnt produce much heat. Had to be on for a long time to warm through the honey
  26. Will not over heat honey. The heating element should be tward the bottom of the bucket, but since it has the valve cut out it its out the top. I had this on overnight and dont think it fully warmed the bottom of the bucket. It seams to only have a heater band like other models, but has the full jacket to help distribute or hold heat in. The cord connection is right where the strap to tighten down is, and gets in the way. Maybe the next up grade will have a top and bottom strap.
  27. Did the job This blanket warmed the honey (4 gals) up just enough to uncrystalize in a few days. Didn't have to think if too hot or too warm. Also with no timer didn't need to check on every few hours.
  28. It works Works ok needs a heat gauge and maybe a timer but does the trick
  29. Perfect solution, wrap it and walk away! I received the BeeBlanket this week and wrapped it around this 5 gallon pail full of honey. In 18 hours it has reached a temp of 102. It is the perfect solution to heating up the honey. I am no longer monitoring the temperature of the honey on the stove, just wrap the blanket around the pail and walk away. It is a bit loose, so I used small rubber bungee straps to keep it tighter to the pail. Very happy with the BeeBlanket!
  30. Just what I needed Took a little over one day to turn a 5 gal bucket of crystallized honey into liquid honey.
  31. Good Product Works good takes about more than 24 hrs to melt our 5 gallon bucket of honey
  32. Works great for warming my honey I had some thick honey that I harvested in the late winter from a hive whose bees died over the winter. It was in a 400 micron strainer in the top of the bucket, and it just wouldn't strain because it was too thick. I put on the Bee Blanket and set the bucket on a seed starting mat. It took more than a day to start softening up, so I moved the the Bee Blanket up higher on the bucket, even with the top and put another heating mat on top. That did it! Attaching the Bee Blanket around the bucket handle was a bit awkward and probably lost a lot of heat, but it worked. The cutout for the valve is a great asset, also.
  33. AWESOME Works great. Heated the honey up to the perfect temperature to pour.
  34. I recommend to to all bee keepers These work great need a second one because of the cold weather, recommend this to all the bee keepers !!
  35. Fits 5 gallon bucket very well. No dislikes here. Has worked like a charm every time I need to use it.
  36. Worth the $ Works well. No issues.
  37. Does what it's supposed to do so far I gave this 5 stars because it does what it says. I'd would prefer to give it 4.5 because I think it might be made a tad more convenient. I do use this for 5 gallon buckets of honey with honey gates on them, and I wish I would've bought this years ago. PROS: It liquefies honey and makes it super easy to bottle. Easy to use, and has what seems like a high quality clasp for the strap. I had about 3 gallons of fairly well crystallized honey (not rock hard yet, but definitely not stir-able) that it liquefied in about 3 days without stirring (maybe less since I didn't check). Ambient temperature averaged about 67 degrees F. Materials/Product seems well made. I can't speak to longevity and durability, but so far it seems to work well for the several days of run-time I've had it on a bucket. I will update my review next year if I have any input. CONS: Not really true 'cons' here... The location of where the power source attaches might be better located near the bottom, but this could also make it easier to accidentally crimp/crush the cord with a 62 lb honey bucket. I think it could also benefit from a 2nd strap lower on the blanket. There also seems to be too much excess material on the bottom of the blanket. It's nearly 2 inches wide, so it has a tendency to push the blanket up and/or away from the bucket. None of these are deal breakers from me, than just observations that may make it even better. I know the manufacturer states they're happy to customize their products for us, but these changes are likely low cost for them to do. Ambient temps do matter, so keep your expectations realistic if your trying to warm a bucket in your 40-50 degree garage in the winter. Maybe keep it off the floor and surround it with some cheap insulation, or even old blankets. I'll probably buy another one of these to make it easier to just 'bottle on demand' for my honey customers.
  38. Five Stars bought this to help with bottling, works great
  39. A must have! When processing honey and straining between 600, 400 and 200 Micron screen's, it's imperative to keep the honey in a fluid (not hot) state in order to have it run through. The bee blanket kept the honey warm, without hot spots so that as it went throughout the process, it was done quickly and with very little effort. We didn't have one of these last year, but wish we would have after using it.
  40. Great product, works as advertised Great product, works as advertised
  41. Expensive. Not the snuggest of fits. Works as stated. Would be nice if it had a LED on it to remind you it was on at a glance and I wished it sinched a bit tighter on the bucket. It isn't a snug fit considering 5 gal buckets are all about the same size. Expensive too.
  42. Works; Needs Insulation when Temps are Below 70F Works great. Unfortunately I needed to wrap the entire unit with a comforter to get the honey to liquify, otherwise it was forever recrystalizing on the bottom! I was using the blanket inside a 65-70 degree room in our small apartment. It seems like the blanket has a very specific heat output, and it doesn't change when the outside weather gets colder; so you need to take measures to keep the area around the bee blanket at 70 degrees or more, or else insulate it somehow. I wish there was a very similar product out there with a thermometer and variable heat output so that it would be user-friendly to operate; for now there is the bee blanket and we made do.
  43. Works Great!!! Followed the advice of others and placed on styrofoam, stirred occasionally and heated a solid to 5 lb pail to liquid in 2 days.
  44. Works great! It helps de-crystallize my buckets of honey This Bee Blanket works great! It helps de-crystallize my buckets of honey.
  45. Highly recommend Works well. Gently and slowly warms honey to just warm enough to liquefy, but not cook off all beneficial enzymes/ etc. Appears to be well made. Highly recommend.
  46. Very nice product that is well made. Thank you! Very nice product that is well made. Thank you!
  47. Way slower than my other warmer Day 4 and I'm still waiting for a bucket to decrystallize, stirring a couple of times a day to incorporate. If I didn't have a different type of warmer to compare, I might not realize how painfully slow the blanket is. But, my other warmer transforms a 5 gallon bucket in 24 hours.
  48. Works so well on crystallized honey. 2-3 days back to liquid honey Works so well on crystallized honey. 2-3 days back to liquid honey
  49. Not as good as hoped I got this to help with my stubborn crystallized honey buckets. I put this blanket on one bucket about a week before I was goi g to fill jars for the holidays. The very outside started to melt and made it easier to use a ladle to spoon from around the sides into jars but never reached the middle of the bucket. After being plugged in for a week and next to the heater vent and still can't run out if the honey gate at the bottom. Not super happy. But better than it was.
  50. Works ok but slow Tried to heat honey supper slow if you have the time it works ok
  51. This little heater works great These little heaters are great for small honey operations. I use these to decrystallize buckets prior to going into the bottling tank. They'll liquefy a fully crystallized bucket in 2-3 days. Really nice quality and US made
  52. Must have for beekeepers This bee blanket is the best thing to have to restore honey to its natural state.
  53. Works as expected It liquified a 5 gallon honey bucket in a couple of days.
  54. Soap Base oils bucket We use this for our base oils for our cold process soap and it works great! Keeps the oils nice and liquid, strapped on easy, warmed up no problem!
  55. Works great fast filling I have 5 gallon pails of honey and was looking for a easy way to warm them to facilitate filling honey jars. I tried a heating pad but the heat was not uniform and they have a safety cutout that turns them off after a couple of hours. I found this blanket and was concerned it would get the honey too warm since it does not have an adjustment. The blanket works great it warmed the honey to just a little over 100 and kept it at that temp until the whole 5 gallons were warm. I increased the effectiveness of the blanket by putting insulation on the top and bottom of the pail.
  56. Keeps honey from cristallizing Keeps honey from cristallizing
  57. Good heater Good heater
  58. Good tool for a beekeeper Met my expectations!
  59. Very effective honey warming blanket I've had this for a couple of years now and it has worked very well. I will probably get one or two more this year.
  60. Good product, works as stated Good product, works as stated
  61. It fits well and works perfectly It fits well and works perfectly
  62. The bee blanket is convienent The bee blanket is convienent bit inconsistent on heating a 5 gallon bucket of honey. Each and every time, the both 1/5 of a bucket never liquified and remains crystallized. Take me 3-4 days to liquefy 4/5's a bucket.
  63. One word AWESOME!!! I am a beekeeper and small business owner, when I found that my honey was crystalizing I researched companies that would keep my honey from crystalizing and found Powerblanket. I bought the Beeblanket that wraps around a 5 lb bucket, it worked amazingly well! I then purchased a Beeblanket that covers a 55 gal drum. One word AWESOME!!! I no longer have to worry about my honey. Thanks, Powerblanket.
  64. So far so good! I have a small honey operation in Washington and needed a better heating solution to warm my honey for bottling purposes. I have used the old silicone band heaters for years with little success and I've heard a lot about Powerblanket heaters from other beekeepers in Washington who were using them and raved about them so had to give them a try. I purchased this drum heating blanket to help with my honey extraction & bottling and have to say, so far so good.
  65. Five stars, excellent value for the $$ Five Stars - works great for de-crystallizing my buckets if honey. Excellent value!
  66. Bee Blanket great for melting pails of Coconut Oil. Bee Blanket great for melting pails of Coconut Oil. We purchased this to melt buckets of coconut oil and the product works well. It's light weight, easy to use and came as described. We're very happy with our purchase.
  67. Works great Works great, especially when used with the digital thermostat they offer. This Bee Blanket is a life saver and I'll be back to buy more in the future.
  68. We absolutely love our Bee blanket. We absolutely love our Bee blanket. It keeps our honey at the right temperature and makes pouring effortless. Why did we not do this sooner?!
  69. Perfect heated solution for my honey. Perfect heated solution for my honey. Heats up great and evenly, thank you!
  70. Wow! This is awesome!!I Wow! This is awesome!!I was totally surprised at how well and how fast the bee blanket worked! It is awesome!! Only wish i had purchased it sooner. Truly pleased with it. It's great!
  71. Great product Great Product! This was very helpful for slowly melting my palm oil. It took almost a full 24 hours but it was worth it!
  72. Well made heater This heater works great for warming my honey and is very well made.
  73. Works great for warming my honey for bottling! This pail heating blanket works great for warming my honey in our 5 gallon pails in preparation for bottling. I left the heater on and warmed my honey overnight and the following day my honey wasn't too warm, but just the right viscosity for bottling. This heater is a time saver and worth it's weight in gold. Thank you!
  74. Hot Deal! Works great and better than expected! Hot Deal! Works great and better than expected!
  75. THEY WORK GREAT! THEY WORK GREAT! Have a 5 gallon pail of totally crystalized honey, liquefied in 24 hrs, NO burning of honey and still at way below Pasteurization point!!!!!!!

The Insulated Honey Warming Bee Blanket Pro Model

The Powerblanket Bee Blanket heating solution will maintain the same temperature as a hive. With low-level internal thermostats, you can apply the Bee Blanket and leave it be. There’s no need to worry about overheating your honey because the Bee Blanket will never get too hot. The Pro models include an adjustable thermostat controller allowing you to regulate the temperature of the bucket heating blanket from an ambient temperature, up to a max temperature of approximately 150 °F.

It is an easy-to-install heating solution for honey producers and bottlers. With this insulated vinyl heat blanket, you can heat your honey to the ideal temperature and maintain the viscosity required for bottling and managing honey stores.

Thermal Image of Drum Heating Bee Blanket

– One uniform heat zone provides even heat distribution.

– Blanket temperature goes from ambient up to a max temperature of 150 °F using an adjustable thermostat controller.

– Works on both poly and steel buckets, pails, barrels and drums.

Warm Honey Flows Best

– Prevent overheating your honey and help minimize crystallization.

– Using a Bee Blanket will keep your honey at hive temperatures so you don’t lose nutrients.

– Cinch straps on the Bee Blanket to secure a tight fit around your 5-gallon bucket.

Safety Matters to Us, and It Should to You Too

– All Bee Blanket models are certified by ETL to UL, CSA, CE safety standards.*

– All Bee Blanket models are water resistant and safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

– Highly efficient design saves time, energy and money.

* ATM for Report: 100408176PRT-001 and ATM Issued: 7-Mar-2013.

*UL Issue:2005/11/17*. **CSA standards Issued:2003/04/01**

Product details image Product details image




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