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Summerstep Snow Melting Mats

Snow Melting Mats


Powerblanket®, the leader in total temperature control solutions, now offers Summerstep™ heated door, stair, and walkway snow melting mats that use radiant heat to clear your path of ice and snow. Summerstep industrial snow melting mats are heavy-duty snow melting, safety mats that are designed to melt snow and ice to prevent accumulation on stairs and walkways. They melt snow and ice on contact and create a safe walkway in even the coldest winter conditions.  Summerstep snow melting mats help prevent accidents due to slipping and falling that could cause delays, decreased productivity, or increased costs in areas with heavy foot traffic: universities, hospitals, industrial sites, etc. Designed to be outside throughout the winter, Summerstep mats stop the accumulation of additional snow and ice, reducing time and labor intensive snow removal and eliminating  the use of  any harsh melting agents that could damage to concrete or hurt the environment. Customize your Summerstep snow melting system with connectable mats to cover any space.

Summerstep Snow Melting Mats

  • Keep stairs, doorways, walkways, and ramps free from snow and ice
  • Prevent slips and falls that could lead to costly lawsuits
  • Protect personnel from winter weather conditions
  • More effective for snow and ice melting than harsh chemicals (less damaging to the environment, reusable, won’t damage concrete or other flooring surfaces)
  • Will melt approximately 2 inches of snow per hour when operating
  • More convenient than shoveling snow
  • 33.3 Watts/Sq ft
  • Can be custom made for any location
  • The ONLY snow melting mat product that is made in the USAsnow melting mats


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Powerblanket can design, build, and ship your order of custom designed snow melting mat in 14 days or less.

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