The Beacon Temperature Controller: Automated and Mobile

The technology behind The Beacon Temperature Controller is truly remarkable. And when you pair Beacon’s innovative approach to temperature control with Powerblanket heating and cooling products, you have the best of both worlds. Beacon plus Powerblanket equals total temperature control, and all as an easy and convenient mobile solution too.


beacon temperature controller IoT

The Beacon Smart Controller

Whether you refer to it as the Beacon Temperature Controller or the Beacon Smart Controller, it’s the same innovative solution, an innovative solution that engineers have been developing for over two years now. And get this; the Beacon Smart Controller offers temperature monitoring through a revolutionary mobile system that is both easy to use and compatible with most mobile devices.

Remote temperature monitoring through the Beacon Smart Controller means that you don’t have to worry about babysitting your important, but perhaps time-consuming, temperature needs anymore. Other systems require your presence to monitor the changes and levels of temperature fluctuation. However, with the Beacon temperature controller, you can set alerts that come straight to you via email or text. Additionally, Beacon’s device mapping feature shows you were your temperature device (a.k.a Powerblanket) is in relation to other devices.

The Beacon solution works as a WiFi temperature controller to enable notifications, alerts, and device mapping. In addition to this, every beacon controller comes with the added option of adding a cellular plan as well, affording you even more access to your temperature control information. Beacon control solutions also provide data storage and analytics, the ability to add multiple user accounts, and the option to control your system locally as well as remotely, manually as well as automatically. Oh, and did we mention that you can easily schedule temperature changes and ramping through a simple programmable system. Such a feature makes epoxy curing and other similar tasks a breeze.

When it comes to regulating temperature, Powerblanket and Beacon come together to offer a revolutionary, easy-to-use system that makes total temperature control both easy and painless. Take a moment to consider what Beacon offers and the benefits associated with it.


The Benefits of the Beacon Smart Controller:

  • Compatible with a wide variety of heating or cooling devices
  • Offers both local and remote control through Wi-Fi or Cellular networks
  • Enables scheduling of alerts, temperature changes, and ramping
  • Allows for multiple users with varying levels of access and control for added security
  • 120/208/240V AC options, switch up to 24 amps


Biomed Cooling Solutions From Powerblanket®

Temperature control in the biomed sector is not a convenience; it’s absolutely imperative. Whether we’re talking about keeping pharmaceuticals preserved, or maintaining the proper temperature for equipment, all of it is important—for matters of safety and operational efficiency. However, even though biomed cooling solutions are so necessary, most of those on the market are expensive and not very versatile. Until Powerblanket ICE came along, that is.

Engineers in labVersatile Biomed Cooling Solutions

Unlike the many chillers and refrigerant systems on the market for biomed applications, Powerblanket ICE can keep bulk materials and equipment safe and cool without the same space limitations. The main difference between Powerblanket biomed cooling solutions and all the others is the simple fact that Powerblanket ICE is transportable, storable, and can be used on the same containers that transport, house, and store products and equipment. Our approach to custom cooling solutions allows for bulk cooling, regardless of the size and shape of your containment unit. In other words, you can get a cooling solution made to fit your storage and transporting needs instead of adjusting to fit the size of a refrigerant box.

Powerblanket ICE cooling solutions will keep your materials and equipment cool and safe. Vaccines, pharmaceuticals, fluids, and temperature-sensitive equipment, you name it, and we can cool it. Powerblanket ICE cooling solutions keep your materials at the ideal temperature whether the ambient environment is a nice seventy degrees or over a hundred.

In addition to its versatility, Powerblanket ICE also comes in three different cooling levels. Whether your temperature needs are big or small, complex or simple, Powerblanket has a solution for it.


Benefits of Powerblanket Biomed Cooling Systems:

  • Maintain ideal temperature of materials, products, and equipment, eliminating the risks and costs associated with overheating.
  • Increase operational efficiency and safety by maintaining the proper temperature of stored products.
  • Ensure the valuable and necessary characteristics of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and lab equipment are never lost due to drastic temperature fluctuations.


Features of Powerblanket ICE:

  • The Powerblanket ICE cooler jackets use patented technology that draws heat away from the containers and cools the contents inside.
  • Each cooler system covers and insulates by means of a durable and easy-to-use system, allowing you to limit costs by cooling contents in storage containers, rather than transferring containers.
  • Powerblanket ICE cooling systems are portable—easy to install and uninstall.
  • Powerblanket ICE cooling systems allow you to control the temperature of your materials and equipment with ease and efficiency.
  • Cooling systems can be left installed and running while material containers are in use, making accessibility easy and unencumbered.



Viscosity Maintenance In Hot or Cold Weather

We’re on the subject of viscosity maintenance again, and for good reason too. The matter is one that needs to be addressed year round, in both hot and cold weather. However, this time we’re talking about maintaining the proper viscosity of your liquids under all perceivable circumstances, whether in room temperature, on cold or hot days.

Powerblanket Ice Cooling ProductsViscosity Maintenance Has Two Sides

In previous articles, we’ve discussed viscosity maintenance as it applies to maintaining low viscosity levels in your liquids through the use of Powerblanket® heating products. Of course, the reason we’ve talk so much about this is because it’s pertinent to so many scenarios. However, maintaining low viscosity levels is only half the story when it comes to the entire viscosity conundrum. Some operations and product maintenance require the other side of the spectrum. In other words, Powerblanket can help with maintaining high viscosity levels as well.

If you store or use liquids that need to be very low in viscosity, then Powerblanket heating solutions can help you keep your liquids at temperatures high enough to keep the viscosity of the liquid very low. But, if the opposite challenge is your concern, Powerblanket can help there too. Our new Powerblanket ICE cooling products can keep your liquids cool enough to maintain high viscosity levels, even in really hot weather.

If the liquids you’re storing are at risk of losing their viscous qualities when the temperatures rise, then Powerblanket ICE is going to be an invaluable ally for your operations. Powerblanket ICE comes in three performance levels and will help you keep your liquids cool and viscous, even in really hot weather.

The Benefits:

  • Keep your liquids cool during hot weather, maintaining viscous qualities and eliminating spoiled product
  • Eliminate downtime associated with lost viscosity and the need for expensive cooling interventions
  • Increase output and profit by increasing operational efficiency


Powerblanket ICE Features:

  • Powerblanket ICE uses Powerblanket patented heat-spreading technology in reverse to draw heat away from the container and cool the contents inside.
  • Powerblanket ICE covers and insulates your container with the same robust system used in the Powerblanket heating products.
  • All three performance levels of Powerblanket ICE, the ice pack, ice box, and chiller-driven systems are portable (120VAC required).
  • Powerblanket ICE allows you to control the temperature of bulk materials with ease:
    • Increase yields (Bulk materials that sit at high temperatures will reduce yield for most viscous liquids. With Powerblanket ICE, you can bring the temperature down, and keep it there.)
    • Maintain the viscous quality of your liquids
    • Decrease operational inefficiencies
  • Blankets can be left installed and running while bulk material containers are in use.


Powerblanket® Hot Box and Curing Blankets for Post Curing

When it comes to post curing, maintaining ideal temperature is a must. And if you’re post curing small to medium sized parts, then you may find yourself using expensive ovens, or else taking a whole lot of time and money to build your own. Thankfully, you don’t need to do either of these with the Powerblanket Hot Box on hand.


Powerblanket Hot Boxes/Bulk Material WarmersThe Powerblanket Hot Box

Our Hot Box product (sometimes referred to as a Bulk Material Warmer) works great at maintaining the needed temperature for post curing small to medium sized parts. Its durable construction allows for secure and lasting installation, while its ease of setup makes it transportable and storable. The Powerblanket Hot Box can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reassembled. It gives you the option of bringing your parts to the Hot Box or bringing the Hot Box to your parts. Our Hot Boxes hold product at a temperature of up to 120° F, and the optional adjustable thermostatic controllers allow temperatures to be controlled with precision.
So if you need to keep your epoxy cures at temperature for prolonged periods of time, a Powerblanket Hot Box just might be the thing for you.


Powerblanket Hot Box pallet warmerOur Premium Hot Box (HB64PRO-1440) Offers:

  • A larger footprint (48” x 48”)
  • An internal steel frame (48” internal height)
  • The highest wattage (1440 Watts)
  • A controller for precise temperature regulation


heated curing blanketsPost Curing with Powerblanket Curing Blankets

Of course, after talking about the Hot Box, you may be thinking: “yeah, but what if what I need to cure is bigger than 48” x 48”? Well, there are two simple answers to this question. Depending on your application needs, we could build a custom size Hot Box for you. But if one of our flat curing blankets would work better, we would certainly suggest this as an option.

If you have curing needs that go well beyond what our Hot Boxes can handle, in regard to size and temperature, then our curing blankets are the ideal answer. Our high-temp flat blankets have high watt densities and produce higher temperatures for post curing epoxies and resins that require ranges beyond 100° F – 120° F, up to 400°F.  What’s more, these blankets can be made to cover large areas simply and effectively. So whether it’s carbon fiber construction, wind blade repair, floor coatings, or some other resin post curing application, Powerblanket has a solution for it.



The Powerblanket® RR-80 Barrel Heater: Product Spotlight

Whether you need to maintain temperature for chemicals, food product, paint and other coatings, water, or any other temperature sensitive material, Powerblanket Barrel Heaters are the ideal solution. What’s more, if you need to keep a liquid or other solution just above room temperature, our RR-80 Barrel Heater is just the thing you need.


The Powerblanket RR-80

The Powerblanket RR-80 is the perfect heating solution for keeping your barrel storage just above room temperature. With 120 Volts and 400/800 watts, the RR-80 rapidly ramps up to a max temperature of 80° F—give or take a few degrees of normal variance. (In case you’re wondering, the fact that this blanket Rapidly Ramps up to a fixed 80° F is the reason we call it the RR-80.)

Powerblanket® Rapid Ramp technology provides an accelerated heating time that quickly raises the temperature of fluids to 80° F. This rapid ramp happens in the initial phase, while the blanket is pumping out all 800 watts of heat. Once the blanket reaches 80° F, however, it brings the power consumption down to 400 Watts (or 3.33 Amps) in order to merely maintain 80° F. You see that’s one major benefit our technology has over traditional band heaters. Most band heaters will just keep heating your product until it’s far hotter than it needs to be. And even band heaters with thermostats are less than reliable, applying heat to only a small area of a  barrel.

On the other hand, the Powerblanket® BH55RR-80 Barrel/Drum Heater allows you to safely and efficiently control the temperature of whatever you’re storing in drums or barrels. Additionally, our barrel and drum heaters work with both steel and poly containers, you can use the same unit on both types, whereas, you usually need different silicone band heaters for  different barrel types


Powerblanket® BH55-RR-80 Barrel Heater Benefits

  • Cinch straps ensure a tight fit
  • An ideal solution for storing polyurethane spray foam
  • Energy-efficient
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Water-resistant
  • Works on both poly and steel containers
  • Prevents product waste by safely maintaining consistent temperatures
  • Patented heat spreading plane eliminates hot and cold spots from forming



Freeze Protection: Time to Prepare for the Cold

Powerblanket Tank heatersThe chill is in the air. The smell of apple cider and hot chocolate are frequent occurrences. And, yes, the winter season is coming. I hope you were all able to get your fill of warm-weather activities this year, because they’re not coming back for a few months!

Now that you’ve had a minute to reminisce on summertime memories, it’s time to refocus and get to the task at hand: Preparing your business facilities and production processes for the winter months ahead. It is vital to anticipate the upcoming freezing conditions by preparing your equipment, processes, and assets before the cold sets in for good. It’s much easier to make timely, wise decisions when you have ample time to research and develop an appropriate plan for your business.

To start, identify the areas within your business (materials, equipment, pipes, containers) that are going to be susceptible to the cold temperatures. Are these items indoors, outdoors, or will they be delivered to your facility and need to be heated up? Will these items need to be heated solely for freeze protection or heated up for processing? Does your flagpole need to be heated so that no wandering tongues get frozen to it? No, just kidding on that last one.

After you’ve completed this evaluation, now let’s help you put a plan in place. First, and most important, involve the pros when looking for heating solutions. Have them help point you in the right direction to find a solution that provides the right heat for preventing fluids from freezing and maintaining optimal temperatures. Also, consider a solution that is easy to install, uninstall and reinstall at only a fraction of the cost of expensive systems.

Now, what do you plan on doing about incoming materials or production supplies that will need to be kept warm or heated? If stored properly, chemicals and industrial products will last longer and be more effective. In turn, this will save you time, hassle, and money. Therefore, take time to develop the proper plan to ensure you can heat these materials easily and efficiently. I recommend a plug and play type drum heater, for instance. By preparing ahead, you are sure to save yourself a headache when the next cold front rolls through.


Drum Blanket

Drum Blanket strapped onto drum with powerblanket logoOf all the heating devices out there for the protection of drums and barrels, there’s one drum blanket that’s done right. With even heat distribution and temperature regulation, Powerblanket has a solution fit for any occasion.

The Powerblanket Difference

Drums hold a lot of product and offer a durable storage structure for liquids, chemicals, food product, and more. However, when it comes time for temperature regulation, they don’t provide any capabilities on their own. 

Traditional insulation blankets lack the ability to bring your material to working temperature, in addition to inadequately protecting against the savage cold. Take, for example, the need to bring certain types of product to temperatures above the ambient air around it. A typical insulation blanket has no way to accommodate this.

However, Powerblanket has created a drum blanket that can protect your most sensitive products against the coldest cold. What’s more, the Powerblanket drum heater also has the ability to bring your product up to working temperatures. With a thermostatic controller and innovative heat-spreading technology, you can wrap your drum and forget about it.

Man wrapping industrial heating blanket around blue drum/barrel

A Catered Solution for Your Drums and Barrels

The ability to automate your freeze protection is a huge benefit once the cold weather rolls around, and the capability of bringing liquids and other products to higher temperatures for viscosity maintenance, chemical-property enablement, or characteristic integrity is of equal importance. So whether you need a drum blanket for insulation, heat regulation, or a combination of the two, Powerblanket is the clear answer.

Powerblanket® drum and barrel heater blankets offer a full-wrap, insulated design for superior control and freeze protection. Heating sensitive materials has never been easier. Available in fixed temperature or adjustable control.

Wrap anything in a Powerblanket drum heater and you’ll never use another band heater or blower again. Powerblanket heated drum blankets takes the hassle out of heating your barrels & totes with an insulated barrier of warmth from top to bottom.  You also have multiple sizes & temperature settings to choose from.

Highlighted Features

– Quickly heat both metal & poly drums and totes

– Easy to power, connects in seconds

– Protects delicate materials From freezing

– Ideal for heating foods, oils, chemicals, water, and paints

– Keeps the heat in – and the cold out!

– 10X more effective than a band heater or blower

– UL / CSA compliant

Learn More About Drum and Barrel Heaters

Drum Heaters

man wrapping plastic drum with drum heating blanket

Wrap it in a Powerblanket® brand 120V  Drum Heater and you’ll never use another band heater or blower again. Stop messing with hazardous heating belts and large bulky warming ovens. Utilizing a technology called GreenHeat, Powerblanket heated products take the hassle out of heating your temperature sensitive materials.  Available in both fixed temperature and adjustable versions to ensure you never over or under heat your materials again.

Powerblanket bucket and drum heaters are also more efficient and use considerably less energy that conventional band heaters. Test results show Powerblanket electric blankets to be significantly more effective than band heaters at warming and insulating drums, buckets, pails, gas cylinders, and IBC totes. Powerblanket products are the fastest, easiest, and most affordable method for heating and maintaining the temperature of your industrial materials. New Rapid-Ramp heating technology cuts heat time in half.

Drum Heaters Powerblanket

  • Heat, insulate and protect materials year round
  • Works on both metal & poly drums and pails
  • Best solution for viscosity & flow control
  • Heat propane and other compressed gases
  • Maximum freeze protection to -40F/-40C
  • Insulated full wrap design – keeps heat in & cold out
  • Safe on a wide variety of materials
  • Certified to UL/CSA safety standards
  • New Rapid-Ramp 2x heat technology available on select models
  • Adjustable thermostat options for pinpoint temperature control
  • Custom order opportunities


Drum Heaters 3 Drum Heaters 4

Grease Keg Heaters That Really Deliver


Grease Keg HeaterGrease, oil, hydraulic fluids and other petroleum products require viscosity control regardless of season.  Pumping cold grease is an impossible task.  Ask any lube shop or  mechanic.  Without a method for efficiently heating petroleum products during cold weather, mother nature wins the battle every time.

Grease kegs, oil drums and a host of other viscous materials benefit greatly from the heating properties of GreenHeat Technology used in Powerblanket® products. Engineered with a patented heat spreading material, Powerblanket, LLC manufactures a complete line of heated wraps for drums, barrels, buckets and totes.  Powerblanket heaters even the playing field and allow temperature control to proceed without delay.


  • Grease Keg Heaters Heat, insulate and protect materials year round
  • Works on both metal & poly drums and pails
  • Best solution for viscosity & flow control
  • Heat propane and other compressed gases
  • Maximum freeze protection to -40F/-40C
  • Insulated full wrap design – keeps heat in & cold out
  • Safe on a wide variety of materials
  • Certified to UL/CSA safety standards
  • New Rapid-Ramp 2x heat technology available on select models
  • Adjustable thermostat options for pinpoint temperature control