Electric process heaters are a vital component in most industrial environments. Utilizing electricity, these heaters provide stable process and temperature control for liquids and gasses.

As with all PowerBlanket solutions, our electric process heaters are top of the line when it comes to quality, efficiency and safety. Our products meet the most stringent regulatory requirements without compromising efficiency or power. That’s why industries around the globe trust PowerPro from Powerblanket to bring the heat.

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  • Selection includes circulation, duct, explosion-proof, immersion options, among others.
  • Achieve precise heating with temperatures reaching as high as 1200°F.
  • Custom-designed, easy-to-integrate solutions tailored for your current equipment.
  • Enhanced optimization with sophisticated controls and sensors.

Powerblanket Process Heaters

Increase Performance & Efficiency

Optimize efficiency in your operations and protect critical materials with PowerPro Process Heaters.

Safety Certified for Hazardous Locations

PowerPro electric process heaters are Class 1 Div 2 hazardous area certified. They can also be built for Class 1 Div 1 environments.

Replace Existing Heating System

We specialize in replacing worn out heaters and updating your old designs into modern heating and control systems. Our solutions are compatible with any existing electric process heating system.

Replacement Parts Made Easy

We help your organization operate continuously with spare process heaters stored at our facilities and shipped to you right when you need them.

Engineering Expertise

Powerblanket provides the highest quality products and superior customer service . Our engineers are always available to talk with you about your operations and find the best solution.

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Electric industrial process heaters are divided into three primary types

Electric industrial process heaters are divided into three primary types: immersion heaters, duct heaters, and circulation heaters. PowerPro industrial process heaters can be manufactured to function with corrosive chemicals and while reaching temperatures above 1200° F, sometimes even higher depending on the application.

  • Immersion heaters
  • Duct heaters
  • Circulation heaters

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Your process heaters degrade over time. In fact, within 5 years, your heating system has lost around 30% of its heating capacity. If you've neglected ongoing maintenance your heaters could be worse off - or even close to failure.


Immersion Heaters

No matter how large or small, immersion heaters get it heated when you need it most. Replacing immersion heaters in existing applications is our specialty. PowerPro from Powerblanket offers the best flanged, screw plug, over the side,circulation , and tank heaters on the market.

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Circulation Heaters

Circulation or Inline heaters are made to handle liquids or gasses from cryogenic to very high temperature, as well as highly corrosive products. Circulation heaters give you a straightforward solution for your inline flowing process needs. With a vast offering of outputs, PowerPro heaters can heat a wide variety of products to very precise temperatures.

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Duct Heaters

For high temperature air and gas processing, PowerPro will provide or replace any industrial duct heater helping you improve your processes and optimize your operations. Temperatures of over 1200°F can be realized and improved designs include optimized control and user interface with enhanced heater performance and reliability.

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Control Panels

PowerPro control panels are built to your organization’s specific control and interface requirements. Our control panels are designed with your needs in mind- allowing for easy interface with your users and current system. We work closely with your I & E team to ensure correct communication and data transfer.

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Powerblanket Process Heating Blankets

Powerblanket manufactures the best most rugged heating blankets in the industry.We can wrap tanks, equipment, and almost anything else that needs heat in your processes.

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PowerTrace Heat Trace

PowerTrace heat trace from PowerBlanket provide more effective freeze protection and process temperature maintenance than any other heat trace products on the market.

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Other Heating Products

From boilers, heat transfer systems and calorifiers, PowerPro from Powerblanket heats it all. Talk with us about your specific heating needs, and we’ll either find or create a solution.

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“Our Powerblanket provided more than freeze protection. It provided sustainability, continuous production, and reduced down time, not to mention peace of mind.”
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