Temperature controllers play a critical role in all sorts of industrial process heating applications. Having a controller that works for your specific process systems makes all the difference in the efficiency and success of an operation. Powerblanket makes it easy to take control of heating in your processes with our line of controllers.

Because not all processes in manufacturing and production are the same, specific solutions are often an appropriate fit for process temperature control. Process temperature maintenance requires the best controllers that will perform at the highest level, yet are simple to use and get results.

Powerblanket’s temperature and heater controller products align with our goal to offer Complete Thermal Solutions, regardless of the application or industry. We provide solutions to problems, and do it with the highest quality materials and the fastest turnaround time possible.

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Temperature Controllers


Temperature controllers keeps processes running smoothly


Keep operations running in adverse and cold conditions


Powerblanket engineers design freeze protection solutions for all applications


Controllers are simple to install, remove, and relocate


All temperature controllers are certified to the widest selection of 3rd party safety certifications

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Common Temperature Controller Questions

All heating applications require control of some kind, from one million gallon tanks to one inch ball valve heaters and anything in between. If they need to be heated, they need to be controlled. Powerblanket provides a wide set of solutions to cover any heating application managed by controllers.

Here’s a quick FAQ on temperature controllers:

Q: What is a temperature controller and how does it work?

A: A temperature controller monitors temperature levels in a process, receiving data from temperature sensors along the system. The temperature controller manipulates the temperature output in response to this data, keeping the system heated within a predetermined set range of degrees.

Q: How many types of temp controllers are there?

A: There are three main types of temperature controllers: temperature controls, heat trace control panels and process heart control panels.

Temperature Controls
- Temp controllers are designed to control small individual heating applications. It’s pretty simple: one individual heater controlling a heat load, requiring 120-277V ac, up to 22 amps. These controllers are ready to go out of the box and are very easy to set up.

Heat Trace Control Panel
- HeatTrace control panels are designed specifically for controlling heat trace processes. PowerTrace panels can be designed to control for just freeze protection of your vital processes, or they can be configured to protect your processes one line at a time via line sensing or individual circuit control.

Process Heat Control Panels
- Process heaters require a specific type of control panel. The PowerPro process heat control panel systems are designed for your individual process heaters:
Starting with a standard control panel design, we can add or remove features to fit your application.
Standard features include PID temperature control, FM Approved safety limit control, contactor, SSR or SCR power control, MOD Bus/TCPIP, Profibus or wireless sensing and control.

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