Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products made in the US?

Powerblanket products are PROUDLY designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Where can I buy Powerblanket products?

Powerblanket products can be found directly from Powerblanket, 3rd party distribution partners and major e-retailers.

Are Your Products Safety Certified/UL Listed?

Powerblanket products are ETL listed to UL/CSA specifications.

Are your products intrinsically safe/Explosion Proof?

The terms “Intrinsically Safe” and “Explosion Proof” are thrown around quite a bit in a few industries. The correct classification in the USA would be either Class 1 Division 1 (CID1) or Class 1 DIvision 2 (CID2). These zone classifications are what drive the operating standards in hazardous locations. Powerblanket does have the authority to build for hazardous locations and for more information, you can contact our custom manufacturing team.

What is the difference between the product classes?

Choose from three product classes for your desired level of temperature control. Powerblanket LITE Powerblanket Lite is designed for heating jobs on a smaller scale. These models feature a lower power density than Powerblanket or Powerblanket Xtreme products. Rest assured, these drum blankets will do the job. They are more energy efficient and safer than other heating elements on the market. Keep your equipment and materials warm in bitter climates and avoid lost production time. Powerblanket Standard The Powerblanket product line is designed for any definitive heating job. Each product is built with a rugged vinyl shell that is safe to use in temperatures as low as -20ºF. You can be sure that Powerblanket products will keep your equipment warm when temperatures drop well below freezing. Powerblanket Xtreme The Powerblanket® Xtreme line is designed for companies that work in harsher climates. These exterior heating blankets are built with a more durable and long lasting vinyl shell, making them safe to operate in temperatures as low as -60ºF. These industrial heating blankets will protect your equipment and help you maximize your yield through the cold weather.

What are your products made of?

Powerblanket products are manufactured using industrial grade materials from the ground up in the United States.

How hot does it get?

Powerblanket products are manufactured for a specific task or goal in mind. Utilizing internal, pre-set thermostats Powerblanket products can be application specific right out of the box. Temperature ranges will vary by product type and can be found anywhere from 70.0°F to 150.0°F in standard or ready to ship products.

How long does it take to heat up?

This is a very common question and there is no single answer. While your Powerblanket product will get to the desired temperature fairly quickly, the time required to heat your container or material to your desired temperature takes dozens of variables into account.

It doesn’t feel hot to the touch, how can I tell if the product is working?

Powerblanket products are designed to operate at the perfect temperature range for their stated application. Certain applications, such as concrete curing and warming honey, require the maintenance of temperatures that are around body temperature. While your product may not feel hot to the touch, rest assured that it is working at the optimal temperature range. If you are worried that your product is not working, our instruction manual guides you through the process of testing the electrical components to make sure.

How do I control your products?

Many of our products use an internal thermostat to control the temperature automatically, keeping the temperature at the ideal range for your application. Our products can be paired with a temperature controller to get a higher level of control. Our PRO line of products come with standard with a digital temperature controller, and you can upgrade to our Beacon smart temperature controller for even greater control and peace of mind.

Are Powerblanket products rated for outdoor use?

Yes, Powerblanket products are weather tight- they can withstand sun, wind, rain, snow, hail, etc. We don’t recommend that you submerge the products, but they will work great even in inclement weather conditions.

Can you walk on the product?

Except for the Summerstep line of products, It is not advised to walk across or on top of Powerblanket products.

Can your products be overlapped?

Powerblanket products are considered “Self-Regulating” electrical devices and should not be overlapped. This may lead to inaccurate temperature readings and damage to your Powerblanket product.

Can you roll up Powerblanket products?

Powerblanket products are designed and manufactured to be folded in a specific way. Storing products in this manner will help greatly to increase the longevity of your Powerblanket product.

How long is the cord?

The cord length on any Powerblanket product will vary by product type and will range from 2’ to 15’ in length for standard or ready to ship products. Keep in mind, the use of an extension cord is acceptable given thought to distance and power.

Can I use it on different applications other than what it is designed for?

Powerblanket products are typically designed and manufactured with a specific application or use in mind. Due to similarities in dimension it is possible that a single Powerblanket product may service in different capacities. However, Powerblanket recommends only using your Powerblanket product as it was designed to be used.

Can I leave it on and operating overnight, throughout the week, month, etc?

Powerblanket products are designed and engineered to run continuously. The majority of our products are installed and only removed when other tasks or maintenance require it.

Can your products be repaired?

Powerblanket offers repair kits to be utilized on the exterior jacket or shell of the heaters but due to the nature of the product, repairs on internal materials or components are not recommended or offered.

How should your products be stored?

Powerblanket products are designed and manufactured to be folded in a specific way. Storing products in this manner will help greatly to increase the longevity of your Powerblanket product.

Where can I find instructions?

Powerblanket products are the ultimate solutions in ease of use and are designed entirely with a “Plug & Play” mindset. However, there are general instructions and user information included in the packaging for your Powerblanket product and this information is also available directly from Powerblanket at

How long do your products last?

Powerblanket products are manufactured with the industrial user or setting in mind. As with any tool, the level of care and maintenance will have a direct impact on the life span of any given product. The “Average” lifespan of a powerblanket product is approximately 4-6 years.

What is your warranty policy?

Every Powerblanket product comes standard with a 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty which covers materials and workmanship. Registering your Powerblanket product warranty is extremely easy, simply scan the QR code found in the box your Powerblanket product was shipped in, visit our website at or contact your Powerblanket representative.

Do I have to register my warranty?

Registering your Powerblanket product warranty is not required. However, it is recommended as it aides in speed and response to your problem should you have any in the future. Registering your Powerblanket product warranty is extremely easy, simply scan the QR code found in the box your Powerblanket product was shipped in, visit our website at or contact your Powerblanket representative.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Powerblanket can accept almost any form of payment including: Check, ACH/Bank Wire, Credit Card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard or Discover) including Corporate purchasing cards. Payment terms/credit are available to select distribution partners at the discretion of Powerblanket.

Can you ship internationally?

Powerblanket can ship anywhere in the world. Please note, depending on the size of the product or order, more information may be required to arrange shipment when shipping outside of the USA.

Can your products be shipped small package/UPS?

Most Powerblanket products can be shipped via “UPS” or “Small Package”. The mode of transit in shipping will be dictated by the carrier and dimensions of the product/s. Extremely large or heavy products may be shipped via LTL/Freight.

What’s my tracking number?

A tracking number is generated when your Powerblanket product ships and is sent via email in an automated fashion and it is also listed on the order invoice and sent via email.