The Empower Manufacturing Scholarship by Powerblanket

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As a leader in manufacturing, we are pleased to announce the Empower Manufacturing Scholarship by Powerblanket. Manufacturing is a thriving component of Utah’s economy and as a younger generation enters the workforce, it is important to understand the ever-changing landscape of this critical industry. Innovation and differentiation drive success in manufacturing.

At Powerblanket we are excited about the highly innovative students who open doors for new and creative manufacturing opportunities and we want to support the great minds who are motivated in this field.

Manufacturing is not simply the assembly line of generations past and requires more than button pushers. Efficiency and technology are changing the way all things are made. We must look at new technologies continually to find new ways to create the state-of-the-art products society demands. The workforce of today and tomorrow’s manufacturing must be more technical and highly adept in creative problem solving.

There are 3,600 manufacturing companies in Utah, and those companies are in high demand of capable and ready employees. Utah manufacturing aw 4-5% growth in 2016. It is a $20 billion contributor to Utah’s economy. That’s significant–about 16% of the state’s economy is in manufacturing. Manufacturing is second in the state in wages, about 30% higher than the average wage in Utah.

The Empower Manufacturing Scholarship by Powerblanket is intended to support those up-and-coming minds that are ready to make a difference in manufacturing.