Bulk material warmers, or hot boxes, are a universal heating solution for remote-location use, job site heating, transporting temperature-sensitive materials.

This electric hot box saves you money by keeping your products from freezing without the risk of overheating. The hot box pallet warmer is easily assembled and taken apart. Standard Hot Boxes hold product between 100°F and 120°F and optional adjustable thermostatic controllers allow precise temperature control. If you have specific product specifications or temperature requirements that the standard hot box does not meet, a custom hot box may be exactly what you need. The advanced insulation prevents heat loss and will protect down to -40°F/-40°C. The heating element within the blanket allows for more surface area contact, conserving energy and greatly reducing hot and cold spots. Heat paints, roofing materials, chemicals, epoxies, resins, equipment, and pallets of any material with these industrial heating blankets. You can even protect construction equipment from freezing up during a job with this box heater.


Safely heat and protect a wide variety of chemicals and materials


Keep bulk materials at safe, workable temperatures wherever you are


Improve freeze protection and cold weather storage of bulk materials


Quickly and effortlessly install the compact and portable design


ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards

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Quick Road Repair in Alaska

Vern Fiehler, of Quick Road Repair in Alaska, saved money by keeping his product from burning up, At a demonstrations with the field maintenance crew of the Juneau Alaska International Airport, he needed to bring the IRR up to working temperature, and used a forced air ceramic heater to do so. To his surprise, Vern overheated the product 40°F / 22°C past its maximum temperature. That cost him a pallet of product and embarrassed him. Now Vern uses Powerblanket.

“This works wonderfully for us. We use it to heat up vegetable oil shipped from Europe by sea. In the winter, the oil congeals to a white residue because of the cold temperatures on board the ship. We needed a solution to heat the totes gently to get the oil back to its original consistency. This was expensive but worth it.”
5 Star Amazon Review, February 16, 2017
“Great Product. Keeps our products at the optimal temperature for spraying even in below freezing conditions. Very happy with the purchase and the elimination of down time due to product viscosity.”
5 Star Amazon Review, February 25, 2018


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