Insulated Band Heaters vs. Traditional Band Heaters

If you’ve dealt with traditional band heaters, then perhaps you have some reservations regarding the usefulness, efficiency, and safety of such a solution. If you’ve never heard of insulated band heaters, then you’re in for a treat. Here we compare the two to see who comes out on top.


Insulated band heatersInsulated Band Heaters vs Traditional Band Heaters

In one corner we have the long-standing, often-used traditional band heater, and in the other corner, we have the heavy-hitting, highly efficient insulated band heater. Let’s start with comparing maximum temperatures. Traditional band heaters can heat as high as 400° F, insulated band heaters, well, they can too. Here’s what that looks like:


Traditional Band Heater Insulated Band Heater
Heats as high as 400° F Heats as high as 400° F


Traditional Band Heaters: 1 pt.

Insulated Band Heaters: 1 pt.


Next, we look at heating efficiency. Traditional band heaters use anywhere from 600-1200 watts of electricity to heat the material inside a barrel or drum. What’s more, a good portion of this is wasted as heat is lost to the air around the heater. Insulated band heaters, on the other hand, don’t lose as much energy to their surroundings. With insulated band heaters, much more heat is channeled into the product, and much less into the thin air.


Traditional Band Heater Insulated Band Heater
Wastes a lot of energy Delivers energy to the load


Traditional Band Heaters: -1 pt.

Insulated Band Heaters: 2 pt.


And finally, when it comes to that most important topic of safety, insulated band heaters win out here too. Traditional band heaters can be extremely hazardous. Since they’re heating as high as 400° F, this means their non-insulated, external temperature is about the same. Essentially, you have a belted band of silicone wrapped around your drum or barrel that is as hot as 400° on the surface. If something touches this on accident, it could mean fire or third-degree burns. Insulated band heaters are a lot safer. Since they’re insulated, the surface that is exposed to the user  is safe to touch.


Traditional Band Heater Insulated Band Heater
Hazardous (fire hazard and burn hazard) Safe to touch when installed and running



Traditional Band Heaters: -1 pt.

Insulated Band Heaters: 2 pt.


So this puts the final score of the comparison at…


Traditional Band Heater Insulated Band Heater
Heats as high as 400° F (1 pt.) Heats as high as 400° F (1 pt.)
Wastes a lot of energy (-1 pt.) Delivers energy to the load (2 pts.)
Hazardous (fire hazard and burn hazard) (-1 pt.) Safe to touch when installed and running. (2 pts.)


Traditional Band Heaters: -1 pt.

Insulated Band Heaters: 5 pts.

We’ll let you do the math from here.




Product Use Case: Drum and Barrel Heaters for Viscosity Maintenance

Powerblanket® drum heaters and barrel heaters have uses beyond mere freeze protection. For example, viscosity maintenance, a year-round problem, is easily handled by one of our ready-to-ship or custom built solutions.


Product Use Case- Drum and Barrel Heaters for Viscosity Maintenance

From Freeze Protection to Heating Applications

One of the primary concerns we hear of from individuals and companies ordering our drum heaters or barrel heaters is the need for adequate protection against freezing temperatures. While this is a huge part of what our solutions offer, it’s not the only trick in the hat. You might actually be surprised to find that Powerblanket technology is used for a myriad of heating needs. And one of those has to do with viscosity maintenance.

Regardless of what you’re storing in your drums or barrels, if it needs to remain at high temperatures to maintain a certain level of liquidity, then you need to pile on the heat. The problem is that often times manufactures or operators don’t have a simple means of adding heat to their storage. The procedure, then, usually involves moving the stored liquid from a storage unit to a heating unit. However, this extra, time-consuming step is NOT necessary if you have a good drum or barrel heater.

Powerblanket drum and barrel heaters are easily installed, removed, and reinstalled for convenient storage and transportation. What’s more, Powerblanket technology evenly distributes a regulated flow of heat, preventing the problems associated with band heaters. So if you’re in need of viscosity maintenance, look no further. We’ve got you covered.


Powerblanket Features:

  • Our heaters work with both steel and poly containers
  • Full wrap-around design provides complete insulation and ensures equal heat distribution
  • Drum warmers deliver safe, uniform heat to expensive materials without overheating or burning
  • Drum heaters design decreases and prevents product waste among temp-sensitive materials by maintaining consistent storage temperatures without significant fluctuations
  • Highly energy-efficient GreenHeat Technology™ and design lowers energy-related expenses and overall project and equipment costs


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A Drum Blanket Done Right

Of all the heating devices out there for the protection of drums and barrels, there’s one drum blanket that’s done right. With even heat distribution and temperature regulation, Powerblanket has a solution fit for any occasion.


A Drum Blanket Done Right

The Powerblanket Difference

Storing materials in drums is a simple idea. They hold a lot and offer a durable storage structure for liquids, chemicals, food product, and so much more. However, when it comes time for temperature regulation, they don’t provide any capabilities on their own. For this reason, some manufacturers have created elaborate insulation blankets to ward off the effect of cold temperatures. As much as these insulation blankets may seem to be a good idea, or as much as they might be able to help with a mild difference in temperature, they can’t adequately protect against extreme winter cold.

In addition to inadequately protecting your materials against savage cold, traditional insulation blankets also lack the ability to bring material to working temperature. Take, for example, the need for bringing certain types of product to temperatures above the ambient air around it. A typical insulation blanket has no way to accommodate this.

However, Powerblanket has created a drum blanket that can work in a myriad of applications. It can protect your most temperature-sensitive products against the coldest cold. What’s more, the Powerblanket drum heater also has the ability to bring your product up to working temperatures. With a thermostatic controller and innovative heat-spreading technology, you can wrap your drum and forget about it.

The ability to automate your freeze protection is a huge benefit once the cold weather rolls around, and the capability of bringing liquids and other products to higher temperatures for viscosity maintenance, chemical-property enablement, or characteristic integrity is of equal importance. So whether you need a drum blanket for insulation, temperature regulation, or a combination of the two, Powerblanket is the clear answer.


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Winter Preparation: Now’s the Time

As the temperatures around the nation rise into the hundreds, cold-weather preparation may be the furthest thing from your mind. What’s more, there are plenty of warm-weather applications that Powerblanket technology is used for. But we would be completely remiss if we didn’t say enough of proper winter preparation. After all, when it comes to preparing for winter, you don’t want to be a grasshopper…


Winter Preparation- Now’s the Time

Aesop’s Fable: The Ant and the Grasshopper

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the old fable of The Ant and the Grasshopper from Aesop. If you’re not (and even if you are) we’ve recited it here. Below follows the most popular English renditions of the story:

“In a field one summer’s day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart’s content. An Ant passed by, bearing along with great toil an ear of corn he was taking to the nest.

‘Why not come and chat with me,’ said the Grasshopper, ‘instead of toiling and moiling in that way?’

‘I am helping to lay up food for the winter,’ said the Ant, ‘and recommend you to do the same.’

‘Why bother about winter?’ said the Grasshopper; we have got plenty of food at present.’ But the Ant went on its way and continued its toil.

When the winter came, the Grasshopper found itself dying of hunger, while it saw the ants distributing, every day, corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer. Then the Grasshopper knew it is best to prepare for the days of necessity.”

Of course, the implications of this story can go far deeper than the need for good winter preparation. But for the sake of comparison, the story’s plot is rather poignant for the industries we serve. When cold weather does hit, it’s best to already have the systems and products you need in place to brave the effects of winter. So if you have assets to cover come late October, now’s the best time to start getting together the protection you’ll need.


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Participation at the 2015 Global Petroleum Show

Our recent attendance at the 2015 Global Petroleum Show was a real blast. It was great to meet so many of our customers and members of our network. We also came away thrilled about the interaction we had with those who stopped by to see our new technology. Read on to learn a little more about what took place.


Participation at the 2015 Global Petroleum Show

Powerblanket Technology at This Year’s Show

The Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is one of the most prestigious venues for showcasing the technologies and services related to the oil and gas sector. This year was a huge success, and we were glad to be a part of it.

Our booth showcased some of the most reliable and innovative products we offer for the oil and gas industry, and the interaction we saw from visitors was exciting. However, equally as exciting to us is the inclusion we offered of our most recent, game-changing technologies. GPS was the perfect venue for us to talk about our new smart controllers, our video scanning capabilities, and our anticipation for our CID1 certification.

Our new video scanning capability makes our technologies all the more accessible to those in need of them. Imagine the ease of submitting a 2D image (via video) to us to simplify the customization process. Add to this the fact that we now offer smart controllers for many of our products, and heating assistance and freeze protection have never been so easy and so helpful.

So now it’s time for us to ask you for your feedback. In the comments below, let us know which of these technologies you’re anticipating most: our video scanning addition, our smart controllers, or our anticipation of our CID1 certification. What’s more, if our recent strides have inspired some thoughts of your own, let us know by accessing our idea board.


Idea Board

Maintaining Viscosity in Your Oil Stores


Temperature plays a vital role in maintaining viscosity in the storage of many types of liquids and chemicals. But when it comes to storing your liquid in lower ambient temperatures, you could be playing a catch up game when it comes to maintaining ideal viscosity, especially with oil and oil-based lubricants.


Maintaining Viscosity in Your Oil Stores

Viscous Oils Run Slow

Why does the viscosity of oil or other liquids matter? Asking such a question to a mechanical engineer may start an impassioned conversation on the matter. As for the rest of us, it may be helpful to revisit some simple principles of physics. When your lubricant is too viscous, it affects the ability the liquid has to flow easily. When you’re dealing with small engine parts, using a lubricant that is too high in viscosity could restrict its access to smaller parts within your engineer or mechanism. And, of course, restricted flow to vital elements of your machinery could cause drastic problems.

Another problem posed by overly viscous lubricants comes from the incurrence of excessive torque in your machinery. If the oil in your machine is too thick, it’s going to tax your engine all the more to push the lubricant into all the necessary places. Not only does this cause undue torque on the system, but it also cause more friction than is necessary. The moral of the story: this all means more wear and tear.

Oil lubricated machines will usually have a low-temperature limit for startup. This restriction is sometimes referred to as the pour point. It’s true that once an engine has time to run and warm up, it returns the oil to the proper viscosity, but adding a lubricant at a temperature far below ideal could cause startup problems. With this in mind, maintaining viscosity in your lubricant storage becomes vitally important.

Powerblanket and Our Contribution

When it comes to storing liquids at ideal temperature, Powerblanket has a myriad of products perfectly suited for your needs. Whether you need a customer application or one of our ready to ship heating blankets, we can help you maintain viscosity in your lubricant storage.

Though the weather is warm right now, colder temperatures will sneak up on us faster than we wish. Getting prepared for that time now is important. That’s why we’re running a 15% off incentive for our forward-thinking customers.


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The 2015 Global Petroleum Show Starts Today!


It’s finally here. Today marks the beginning of the 2015 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Alberta. This annual show accommodates the world’s biggest gathering of companies, contributors, and benefactors from the oil and gas sector.


The 2015 Global Petroleum Show Starts Today!

The 2015 Show

This year marks the 25th running of the Global Petroleum Show (GPS), a show that now runs every year at Stampede Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The 2015 edition of the GPS looks to be the biggest yet. With thousands of participants from over one-hundred countries, the show offers a wide scope of demonstrations for the oil and gas sector. This year includes a mock drill site that allows attendees to see firsthand the process of oil drilling. The site will showcase a drilling rig, mud unit, and a well head and command center.

In addition to this, the show will accommodate the Safety Zone, a destination for professionals to explore the industry’s latest in safety and health. What’s more, the Manufacturing Zone showcases live demos and simulations of manufacturing processes related to oil and gas. All this, along with the Capital Forum and Global Energy Career Expo, shapes up to produce another great year for the Global Petroleum Show.


The 2015 Global Petroleum Show Starts Today! 2

Don’t Forget to Come See the Powerblanket® Demos

Of course, we would be completely remiss if we didn’t mention one of the most intriguing of all demos going on at the show. Powerblanket will be in halls D,E at booth 7852 showcasing our latest technologies for the oil and gas sector. We’ll be running a demo related to piping applications where we showcase the capabilities of our instrumentation heaters, as well as our valve and manifold heaters. The ability these products have of protecting piping assets against the ravages of cold weather are of significant importance to the industry.

In addition to this, we’ll also be displaying our video scanning demo (which allows you to submit a video of your equipment in order for us to create a custom heating solution for it). We’ll likewise be showing off our smart controller (allowing you to remotely monitor and control your Powerblanket products) and we’ll be discussing our latest certification. So come join us at our booth for all of this and more.


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Product Spotlight: Drum Heaters

style Drum Heater

What’s the best way to heat large amounts of liquid? What’s the best way to keep large quantities of your product at the ideal temperature? Well, if you’re storing that material in drums, the answer is a simple one, and it’s very cost effective too.


Product Spotlight- Drum Heaters

Outdated Technology for Drum Heaters

Whether it’s chemicals, food product, oil, admixtures, or any other temperature-sensitive substance, storing your product in the typical drum is common but also problematic, problematic if you need to heat what’s inside that is. Perhaps we should be more specific in this statement. The need to heat substances stored in drums is only problematic if you’re using old or traditional approaches to the problem.

Think about the costs associated with employing large ovens to keep your drums at the right temperature. Not only are these ovens costly, cumbersome, and non-mobile, but they also limit how many drums you can store simultaneously. At best, you may have a large oven that keeps three to four drums at their ideal temperature. But what happens if you need to transport those drums while still maintaining the proper temperature range? You can see how limited this approach can be.

Another old and inadequate method of heating drums is the use of band heaters. Band heaters work on the principle of spreading heat through a metal drum as a hot band is attached to it. However, band heaters can’t regulate their own temperature and often end of spreading heat very unevenly, causing hot spots that scorch the product. In addition to this, what happens if you need to heat a high-grade, plastic drum? Well, you can’t use a band heater on that thing. Thankfully, there is a much better option to all your drum heating needs.


Powerblanket Drum Heaters

Powerblanket drum heaters work on an entirely different principle. Powerblanket patented technology wraps the drum in a protective, insulating blanket that heats the drum to a controled, pre-set temperature. This allows for even heat distribution like you’ve never seen. Since the Powerblanket solution spreads heat evenly and with the use of thermostatic controls, you can wrap the drum and leave it be, without any concern for scorching or overheating. Additionally, Powerblanket works with plastic drums as well as steel.

Comparing Powerblanket heaters to the oven option offers a clear advantage too. Powerblanket heaters are mobile and easy to install and remove. What’s more, they offer extreme cost savings when compared to how much you’d be spending on an oven. Think about the space you’d save too.


Featured Highlights:

  • Work with both steel and poly containers
  • Full wrap-around design provides complete insulation and ensures equal heat distribution
  • Delivers safe, uniform heat to expensive materials without overheating or burning
  • Design decreases and prevents product waste among temp-sensitive materials by maintaining consistent storage temperatures without significant fluctuations
  • Highly energy-efficient GreenHeat Technology™ and design lowers energy-related expenses and overall project and equipment costs


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The Powerblanket Idea Board For Heating Solutions

Can you imagine a company that is always looking for revolutionary ideas to better serve their customers? Well, so can we. That’s why we have the Powerblanket suggestion forum for. We value our customers’ feedback, and who knows, yours may produce the beginnings of a new Powerblanket product, offering heating solutions for your specific need.


The Powerblanket Idea Board For Heating Solutions

Your Ideas For Our Business

Powerblanket works to achieveheating solutions that serve the needs of multiple industries. We know there are problems yet to be solved by our patented heating products, and that’s why we work with our customers to serve all their heating needs. So, if you can think of something that Powerblanket should do that we currently don’t do, please let us know.

Your ideas are taken to heart by us. And we would love to hear about the heating problems you’re having so that we can help you solve them. With that said, there are certainly multiple ways to get in touch with us to let us know about your ideas. Talking to your Powerblanket sales rep is one great way. Sending us an email is another. But did you know that you could post your idea on our suggestion forum and have others vote for it?

Here’s how it works. Go to, navigate to the “About Us” tab, choose the link to “Idea Board”, and offer your suggestion in the window. Yes, it’s really that simple. In fact, to make it even simpler, you can just click on the action tab below, and it will take you right to the page. Once your idea is on the idea board, others can second your suggestions and add their own voice to your same dilemma or proposal. You can rest assured we take this forum very seriously, and we use it as a way to keep our valued customers a part of the generation and progression of our products. So, let us know what you think, and help us bring the heat to your problem.


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Custom Heating Solutions for Any Time of Year


Many industries find themselves in need of heat applications throughout the year, not only in the cold months. Epoxy, chemicals, bulk food preparations, concrete, and many other such examples require temperature regulation above the common ambient ranges. So whether you’re working in construction, chemicals, food, spray foam, epoxy, or some other industry, custom heating solutions likely play a big role in the continuity of your business.


Custom Heating Solutions for Any Time of Year

Custom Heating vs. Prefabricated Products

If you have to store temperature-sensitive materials in drums, barrels, or totes, likely case is you’ll do just fine with a ready-to-ship product that’s already built to accommodate the common storage unit. But when it comes to totes or barrels that are bigger than the norm, or other storage units that are outside of the common shape or size, you’re going to need a custom approach to your heating solution.

In order to limit downtime and expedite turnaround, you’re going to need to find a company, manufacturer, or distributor that can engineer a solution and ship it to you in a reasonable timeframe. The amount of time it takes for many manufacturers to provide a custom answer to your needs is part of the reason why so many become frustrated with finding a properly tailored solution. Most people equate “customized” with expensive products and long wait times. While this is the case with many, it certainly isn’t the case with all.


Shopping For a Provider of Custom Heating Solutions

If you’re in need of a customized approach to heating a large propane unit, a frac tank, a glass walkway, a truck-mounted water cylinder, or any other device or unit that could possibly need insulation or heat to perform at its best, then you need to find a solution that isn’t going to compromise your equipment or cut into your bottom line. Searching for a manufacturer that can build a cost-efficient, application that is made to fit precisely as it ought to is of paramount importance. Don’t be fooled by companies that tout custom items that are actually just rebranded examples of the common product line.


Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a custom heating solution:

  • Reasonable window for completion
  • Ability to answer varying levels of customization
  • Certified to universal safety standards
  • Easy to install and use


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