Process Cooling: Turning Down the Heat

Powerblanket has a process cooling solution for you unexpected heat issues:  Powerblanket ICE.


Unexpected temperature changes were not on your list of things to deal with when you installed your state-of-the-art system a few years/months/weeks ago.  A large portion of money went into that equipment and now you are sitting with a major dilemma on your hands.  Heat is your problem and you need a process cooling solutionPowerblanket Ice Cooler.  The materials are overheating, causing delays in productivity, damage to materials, and/or danger to your equipment.  Options for overcoming this problem are often limited to buying large and expensive refrigerators, or replacing equipment with new equipment designed with cooling capability.  Financially, that isn’t making anyone smile.  Powerblanket specializes in retrofitting tanks, pipes, machinery, motors, and drums that were designed/built with cooling in mind.


Powerblanket offers innovative industrial cooling systems to keep your assets safe for years. With the new Powerblanket ICE industrial cooling/process cooling blankets, you can efficiently regulate temperature-sensitive material under both regular and hot conditions. Powerblanket ICE works especially well for the manufacturing, fermentation, spray foam, motor, welding, and biomedical industries, including tank cooling, drum cooling, and many other applications. We want to help you keep your critical equipment and materials cool under hot temperatures.


Often customers will design a system not realizing that certain areas will exceed acceptable temperatures.  Enter Powerblanket.  The cooling technology of Powerblanket ICE will save you time, money, and stress caused by uncontrolled temperatures.


  • Powerblanket Ice can save you money.  
    • Design a system to fit almost any equipment,  saving you the expense of buying cooling capable equipment or buying large refrigerators.
  • Powerblanket Ice grows with you.
    • Systems can be expanded as requirements grow.
  • Conserve precious floor space.
    • A Powerblanket ICE system is mobile and has a relatively small footprint.
  • Save energy.
    • Powerblanket ice only cools what needs to be cooled.
  • Control temperatures precisely, with a properly designed system (controller, solenoid valve, and bypass valve required for tight temperature control, actual temperature range depends on conditions).  
  • Easy installation.
    • No modification to equipment required in most cases.