Construction Industry Experiences a Turnaround in 2014

Not too long ago, the news for the construction industry was less than favorable. However, after a period of recessed business, the industry is on the rebound in the western states and across the nation. Now the challenge is finding enough skilled workers.

Construction workers working on cement forms

From Homes to Commercial Buildings

The steady increase in new single-family homes has been one factor to contribute to more construction projects over the last year. But some companies have also reported nearly doubling their efforts in commercial construction.

After the recession took a toll on the amount of money people and companies had for building, the construction industry has been in decline itself in all areas, including commercial projects. But with the tides turning, leaders and managers of construction companies now face a new and growing challenge.

A Workforce for the Future

In today’s world of technology and computer-aged professions, it seems fewer young people are expressing interest in construction jobs, and this waning interest has many leaders in the industry concerned about its future. With construction projects now on the climb again, an increasing workforce is needed as much as it has ever been.

foremen discussing on job siteHowever, despite the demand for professions in the construction industry, there isn’t widespread interest to match it. In fact, some experts suggest that by the year 2020, as many as 2 million construction jobs will be available nationwide. And yet, the inevitable truth is that there won’t likely be 2 million skilled workers ready to fill the void.

When the industry took a hit years ago, like so many others did, skilled construction workers were forced to reconsider their future careers. Many left construction for other pursuits, and few have returned. With this reality as an ever-present challenge for leaders and managers of construction businesses, they are taking initiative to help fuel the interest in the youth of the nation. Seminars at colleges and in schools are helping to spark interest in the minds of many. So while the construction industry has this particular challenge on the horizon, there is hope for a supporting generation of new construction-minded individuals who will work to build America’s future.


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