The Construction Industry: An Outlook On The Labor Force

If you read our article on the upswing in the construction industry (see Construction Industry Experiences a Turnaround In 2014), you’ll know that the future looks bright. The economy has started to rebound and construction projects are increasing again. But after a general increase in business, construction companies now face a new challenge: a shortage of skilled workers.

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Skilled Labor Lacking for the Construction Industry?

Since the upturn in the economy, the construction industry has begun picking up again. This has been the case with many other sectors too, but not all of them are experiencing the same dilemma that construction is.

When the economy started to decline and building projects began to wane, many people were left without the steady employment they needed. Construction looked like a dead end for some, and frankly, companies couldn’t afford to keep their skilled workers employed for jobs they didn’t have. Sadly, many construction workers lost their jobs or left to find employment elsewhere.

Now, some are saying that this large migration has caused a shortage in skilled labor for the industry, and that the increase in business has created a void that needs to be filled. Others, however, suppose that those laborers are still out there, that there are likely many still unemployed or looking for work, and that the claim of a shortage is just another way of saying that the upturn in business is slower than many had hoped. Perhaps it’s a combination of both.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain. Interest in the industry is something that leaders of companies are really focused on improving. The word in the news is that many schools are actively participating in the education process regarding jobs in the construction sector. With business on the rise, interest is on the rise, and where there’s a will, there’s a way for companies to find, recruit, or educate the skilled laborers they need.

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