Great Black Leaders In Wax Museum Gets Approval to Expand

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The Urban Design and Architecture Review Panel of Baltimore recently approved the design and plan to expand the National Great Blacks In Wax Museum. The museum is already one of the city’s great icons, and it is the hope of those involved that the new expanded facility will increase visitations beyond their already high numbers.

Great Blacks In Wax Museum

A Move to Improve

Of all wax museums, The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum is certain to be one of most prestigious in the nation. In the museum’s thirty-two year history, it has seen over a million visitors. With the expansion of the new facility, the museum’s notoriety is sure to increase attendance numbers significantly too.

The $75 million dollar project will expand the current layout to include resources not presently available. Multiple exhibits will be added to the new museum, along with a gift shop for visitors. In addition to these niceties, the project will include a genealogical center and a theater.

Last year, four new individuals were inducted into the museum, namely: Mahalia Jackson, Rev. Harold A. Carter, Rev. John R. Bryant, and Rev. George E. Battle. Of course, being inducted into the museum means that the individual is honored by an impeccable wax sculpture, and with the forthcoming expansion of the new museum, there will be room for even more additions to the historic lineup of influential African Americans.

Powerblanket and an Industry

The wax industry has more projects to account for than just making candles. You can imagine the amount it takes to create a life-size, life-like hero of African American history. Powerblanket serves the industry with heating solutions that allow for careful temperature regulation that is made possible through patented technology.

Though Powerblanket was not involved in any of the wax sculptures for the museum, we can certainly appreciate the feat it is and how much it has contributed to the history of Baltimore, and the history of our nation.



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