Heated Art from Powerblanket

That’s right, heated art. If you’re not familiar with it, we’re not surprised. In fact, we’d only be surprise if you knew what it was, because it’s an entirely new concept, straight from the brains here at Powerblanket.


heated art space heaterHeated Art?

If the name leaves room for explanation, that’s alright. That’s exactly what we plan to do here. In the next couple paragraphs, the term “heated art” will seem all too obvious and familiar. Imagine this, if you will: your favorite art hangs on the wall in your office, adding a metaphoric warmth to your room. Actually, the essence and beauty of it almost seems to add real warmth to the space around you. Well, almost wasn’t good enough for us, so we took it one step further.

Now, imagine that same artwork providing real warmth to your room. How on earth is that possible, you ask? Through radiant heat and Powerblanket’s patented blend technologies, that’s how. You see, Powerblanket is using the same technology behind our industrial heating solutions to provide heat in another space. With Powerblanket’s safe and reliable heat distribution technology behind favorite artwork, you can add heat to an entire room safely, efficiently, and asthletically.

When the furnace just isn’t quite enough, people often resort to using space heaters to add additional warmth to a specific area in their home or office. But space heaters take up room on the floor, and cause a potential hazard in more ways than one. For this reason, many employers won’t even allow them to be used in their buildings, and you don’t want them around in your home either.

Powerblanket heated art steps in to solve this dilemma and more. Not only is our heated art safer, it’s more efficient too. It’s well known fact that radiating heat works better than blowing it. Forced-air heating elements like space heaters add warmth less efficiently than radiant heat units. But along with this is the simple fact that space heaters are nowhere near as nice looking as Powerblanket heated art. To be quite frank, a space heater is an eyesore.

On the other hand, Powerblanket heated art allows you to add warmth and beauty to any space. With a wide range of preselected artwork to choose from, you can find something to complement any room in your home or your office space. Additionally, you can also send us your favorite artwork for a custom heated art project. Either way you approach it, you’ll be glad you’ve taken this route over any other.


Powerblanket Heated Art offers:

  • 500-1000 watts of radiant warmth (able to heat an entire room)
  • Ideal for a bedroom or an office
  • A safer and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to space heaters
  • Radiant heat technology (more efficient than forced air)
  • The perfect holiday gift


Heat your space with beautiful, safe, and efficient heated art this season, and all in time for Christmas too. Reach out to us today to learn more (a.316.6324).