Wrapping and Heating Valves in Dangerous Locations

No workplace would be complete without its own hazards. Whether it’s slippery floors, loud noise or dealing with harmful chemicals, there’s always something that employees need to be careful of in order to stay safe. Companies are expected to establish worker safety in these environments, as well as maintain proper care of equipment and products.

Keep Valves Protected

Valves are a critical piece of equipment in any work environment. They are  literally the “off-and-on” switch to efficiency and productivity. Making sure valves are heated to prevent freezing stiff in cold weather is critical for proper use. When a valve is inoperable, progress can come to an immediate halt, creating potentially dangerous situations.

Preventing valve freezes isn’t difficult to do. In fact, there are plenty of products out there that can help. The trick is to find a solution that won’t be compromised by the hazards of your work environment. For example, it’s probably a bad idea to use a warming system that utilizes incandescent heating elements where the air is filled with ignitable vapors. It’s also unwise to use a rigid heat wrap on piping that change shape due to thermal expansion.

Warming Wraps

Powerblanket warming wraps allow for efficient methods of valve heating without compromising safety. Each wrap is self regulating, so there’s no need to constantly monitor if the wrap is working or not. Certified to UL/CSA safety 

standards, Powerblanket wraps are safe to use in virtually any hazardous environment and can be custom fitted to any valve size. They’re also incredibly easy to install, which means less time winterizing and more time doing what you do best.

Using Warming Wraps in C1D2 Environments

Working in an environment with ignitable vapors is one of the most dangerous places to operate equipment. In a C1D2 workplace, one small spark from a light or heating element can lead to catastrophe. Regardless of the danger, equipment still needs to be handled and used to get the job done, even in cold weather.

Warming wraps are critical to keeping equipment warm and operable, but how do you know which wrap product is safe to use in a C1D2 environment? ETL certified to UL and CSA safety standards, Powerblanket’s warming wraps meet the strict safety requirements demanded in areas where the air can ignite at any time. That’s why businesses that use warming wraps call on Powerblanket for help.

In addition, warming wraps allow for quick and easy installation, taking away little time from daily operations. The warming wraps are self regulating, so there’s no need to constantly check up on them to see if they are maintaining the correct temperature.

When you need a specialized warming wrap to keep your valves, containers and pipes from freezing, turn to Powerblanket for the solution. No matter what size or material, or what type of vapor is in the air, Powerblanket’s Warming Wraps will ensure that your safety and efficiency needs are met.