Pouring Concrete on Frozen Ground

 heated blanket versus open flame to thaw groundWhen temperatures are cold, it’s tough to schedule your jobs because you can’t control the weather. You can lose time and money, and it’s extremely hard to schedule your sub-contractors. If you wait for the weather to break, you might find yourself waiting a long time. Powerblanket® concrete curing blankets eliminate the weather variable and keeps your downtime to a minimum.

Unlike normal insulated blankets, Powerblanket Multi-Duty curing and thawing blankets allow you to unthaw frozen ground prior to pouring. Simply place them ahead of time and when your crew is onsite the ground will be ready for pouring – and on your schedule, not the weather’s.

Once you’ve poured, the same blankets will allow you to maintain the optimal curing temperature, ensuring a strong, durable slab, within a predictable time-frame that keeps your job moving.

For rapid thawing, use Powerblanket Extra-Hot Thawing blankets, which provide a number of advantages over other ground-thawing methods:

  • No open flames
  • Faster & more economical
  • No carbon monoxide discharge
  • No noxious fumes
  • Safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly

electric blanket thawing ground with snow on itPowerblanket frozen ground thawing and concrete curing blankets allow concrete work to continue through the winter: you can efficiently schedule your crews and equipment and maintain a steady work schedule throughout the year.  

A final tip: NEVER POUR FRESH CONCRETE ON FROZEN GROUND. You now have a solution for thawing frozen ground and curing concrete in any weather condition. Keep your jobs and your crews on schedule with Powerblanket.


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